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#23366978200371129 - Faxanadu WIP III
Faxanadu.tasproj.bk2 (2.30kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2015-06-10 07:41:34 by Invariel (16 files)
For NES Faxanadu (12 files)
In 04:21.32 [15705 frames], 41 rerecords)
6475 views, 589 downloads
I managed to shave off a few more frames in Eolis, and at that point am 18 frames ahead of Lord Tom.

This heads into the dungeon with the Mattocks, and while I use the key to enter the dungeon 129 frames ahead of Lord Tom, I am 236 Golds behind him. I plan on making that gold up by killing an additional two mages outside of Forepaw.

Encode: http://youtu.be/lLnHGm9cDT0

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