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User movie #24195806029714392

#24195806029714392 - [PSX] MegaMan X6「ロックマンX6」"Any% JP" TAS in 29:39.15 by Rockman The EXE (New Record)
Rockman X6 (J) [TAS-Update].pjm (4.06MB pjm movie [PSX])
Uploaded 2015-07-17 15:31:45 by Rockman The EXE (2 files)
For PSX Mega Man X6 (15 files)
In 34:44.32 [125059 frames], 3 rerecords)
14151 views, 668 downloads
Rockman The EXE played Rockman X6 "Any% JP" TAS in 29:39.15


  • Hardest difficulty.
  • Aims for fastest time. (not much)
  • Takes damage to save time. (But don't overdo in Extreme Mode cuz emeny don't drop health)
  • Manipulates luck. (not much)

This is the route used:

  • Intro Stage (X)
  • Commander Yammark (X, Need Yammar Option to speed up Mijinion Stage)
  • Infinity Mijinion (X) (Secondary Area)
  • Infinity Mijinion (X) (Secondary Area)
  • Gate's Lab 1 (Zero, Without the Blame Armor can't pass the wall with stripes only Double Jumps can passed)
  • Gate's Lab 2 (X, Only X can changed Special Weapon)
  • Sigma (Zero)

Final Stats:

  • Nightmare Souls obtained: 0
  • Reploids rescued: 7
  • Clear time: 13:51
  • X Rank: C
  • Zero Rank: D

Improve: 5 Minutes and 7 Second from the previous record.

Update: The run was wasted 4 minutes just because I didn't use Yammar Option Wobble Trick so let's see how the record will improve

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