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#26845843171757705 - Lsnes - generic SNES script / movie editor (alpha version)
lsnes.lua (45.6kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2015-11-13 23:48:53 by Amaraticando (21 files)
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This is a generic script for lsnes - SNES core, that can be used as a base for any game. The main feature so far is the movie display/editor. I plan to make it easily exportable, so it won't be a simple base, but something that users can 'require' in Lua as a module and use the functions. Also, this is the alpha version, feel free to contact me (PM, Twitter, Github) to report bugs or give suggestions.

Emulator version: lsnes beta23

Repository: https://github.com/rodamaral/amaraticando-tas/blob/master/Tools/lsnes/lsnes.lua


1) Movie editor.
  • Displays the input in readonly and readwrite modes
  • Allows edition of current frame or future frames in readonly mode, with the mouse
  • Shows subframes when they exist
  • Displays all controllers and ports
  • ~ Can't edit the past
  • ~ Can't edit in readwrite mode with the mouse
  • ~ Axis (mouse, justifier, superscope) can't be displayed or edited
  • ~ The current frame can't be edited correctly while using the trace logger, during a breakpoint
  • ~ Advanced stuff must be done with lsnes' Edit movie tool.

2) Movie info.

  • Displays the number of frames emulated so far correctly. By default, lsnes shows the current frame wrong if you load a state and don't repaint the screen.
  • Displays the lag count, rerecord count and run mode of the emulator.
  • Displays the current time of the movie
  • Displays a big "LAG" warning if the previous frame was lagged

3) Generic stuff:

  • Includes a 'draw' library for aditional gui functions. For instance, the draw.text function can be forced to be inside the game area, or inside the emulator area. There're custom hotkeys (equals and minus by default) to change the opacity of this text...

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