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User movie #28239277360032462

#28239277360032462 - Wolfenstein 3D Minimap Script v1.2
Wolf3d-scriptv12.lua (6.41kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2016-01-15 17:54:16 by slamo (42 files)
7289 views, 548 downloads
Added RNG info to the HUD. It will now display future RNG indices with their damage rolls and maximum distance they will hit at. Distance checks take an extra roll, which is why the maximum distance is calculated from the previous RNG value. The number in white is the current RNG index (although the number for this index has already been rolled).


  • refresh: Reloads the tiles on the minimap. Do this when the enemies pop up.
  • move x y: Holds mouse movement at (x,y) indefinitely.

Minimap legend:

  • Orange: BJ
  • Brown: Guard
  • Pink: Dog
  • Blue: SS
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