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User movie #29225191403865077

#29225191403865077 - Dino City WIP 3 (Stage 1 Completed)
Dino City WIP 3.bk2 (4.97kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2016-02-29 03:31:38 by Challenger (109 files)
In 02:25.93 [8770 frames], 2345 rerecords)
9555 views, 416 downloads
Recorded in Bizhawk 1.11.4 version.

I restarted the run because I changed Snes9x to Bizhawk emulator.

I improved in Stage 1 totally, but i lose several frames due of extra lag caused because of more accurate emulation of the Bizhawk.

Because of that, This WIP improved Stage 1 only 183 frames in the Bizhawk emulator.

Thanks Mecha Richter for an improvement of the Forest part of Stage 1. I Call: Early Finish Glitch.

Up to Stage 2, Again.

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