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#39902972814196237 -
ZX4_wallclip.lua (1.39kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2017-06-24 00:34:45 by lapogne36 (20 files)
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Lua script to brute force the wall clips in ZX4

How to use/requirements :

-The savestate slot 9 must be the initial state from where you want to find the fastest wall clip (i.e. before the wall clip)

-The savestate slot 0 must be a state after after ZX4 did a wall clip (all that really matters is that ZX4's height is higher than the height aim)

-You must edit the height aim in the lua (i.e. if ZX4's height is higher than the height aim, it means that the wall clip was a success)

-Eventually, edit in the lua the direction ZX4 must face to wall jump (either Left or Right)

Once all is done, you can run the lua and stop it after enough time has passed (use turbo to speed up the process), the best attempt will be saved on slot 0

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