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User movie #4084450260335548

#4084450260335548 - Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment - WIP1
BattleKid2-NewDemo-1.fm2 (318kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-01-22 22:13:22 by caitsith2 (3 files)
In 06:00.74 [21680 frames], 269 rerecords)
8822 views, 655 downloads
A WIP, with the current demo. (Should be able to transition this to the final rom, when a dump gets made, without any desyncs.)

The demo ends sooner than the end of the movie, but only because, at the room the demo ends at, I removed the demo end trigger, because there is a save room stored after that point.

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