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#45772070955058652 - Pictionary - "Alternative Game"
pictionary alternative TAS-compact.fm3 (10.7kB fm3 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2018-03-15 08:10:43 by warmCabin (21 files)
In 01:03.49 [3816 frames], 155 rerecords)
10857 views, 673 downloads
This TAS completes the "alternative" mode, in which you're supposed to draw cards from your actual Pictionary deck and tell the game who won. So I just keep telling it I won until it tells me I'm the best.

Aside from the sound glitch, this TAS won't be terribly interesting to watch--there's no gameplay at all. but it's only 63 seconds long, so some people might still enjoy it.

"Why not do Regular mode?", you might be thinking. "There's gameplay in that!" (Or maybe you're not thinking that at all (except as you read it just now) because this game is terrible and no one would care or know about it if not for Tim Follin's amazing soundtrack).
Well, no. There's not. The minigames can be skipped entirely by pressing start, so a regular mode run would look just like this, except you get to watch the shoes type "NO" (the fastest word to type) 6 times rather than listen to a sustained D natural. Oh, and "NO" is one of 511 different words, so there'd likely be multiple SECONDS of RNG manip before each minigame. Which means it may be optimal to wait less time and settle for a slightly longer word, which sounds like a headache and a half to deal with. If you have the patience and the talent for something like that, I'd love to see it.

I mostly made this run to make a point. Without the stipulation I imposed on my other run, this game is trivial to TAS and boring to watch.

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