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User movie #46029671199000949

#46029671199000949 - A2600 Wabbit TAS WIP V1
Wabbit TAS V1.bk2 (3.93kB bk2 movie [A2600])
Uploaded 2018-03-26 22:36:18 by GJTASer2018 (2 files)
In 02:11.24 [7864 frames], 1455 rerecords)
5234 views, 185 downloads
First WIP version of a complete TAS of this game, which goes to the killscreen at 1,300 points. Performed in BizHawk 2.2.1 on Game 5 (Three Rabbits, Single Player) with BOTH difficulty switches set to "false". This mimics the "A" setting on the actual console and slows the player character, which increases the game's difficulty.

Rather crude and ugly attempt at a TAS, but even for all its imperfections (e.g. missing a lot of rabbits) it's still far faster than an RTA killscreen run (a little over 2 minutes vs. about 6 1/2 minutes for a Twin Galaxies submission on Game 5, Difficulty B). Will definitely have to learn how to manipulate the location of the rabbit spawns, as well as try an alternate strategy in V2 that may or may not be faster than the one this uses...

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