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#49138939504341373 - Found a true solution to avoid that softlock! Prince of Persia (SNES) "warp glitch"
Prince of Persia (SNES) - new level 8 warp.bk2 (2.11kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2018-08-13 23:14:59 by Challenger (109 files)
For SNES Prince of Persia (28 files)
In 00:45.61 [2741 frames], 725 rerecords)
4280 views, 407 downloads
- As soon as you enter the 3rd room (because you need to "see" a "enemy"), exit the game, enter again, and then pull off glitch in the 1st room.

- Now warped to level 8, but you can't see almost nothing, and the kill cheat now works.

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