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User movie #49547517303331911

#49547517303331911 - j-pop WIP 16 no corruption
Prince of Persia (Japan)-WIP16-nocorruption.bk2 (2.27kB bk2 movie [SNES])
Uploaded 2018-09-01 08:51:36 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For SNES Prince of Persia (28 files)
In 00:47.84 [2875 frames], 6608 rerecords)
4611 views, 376 downloads
Comparison to previous movie:
  • removed lag frames by turning left as soon as possible. The lag is caused primarily by Y which's function is executed after level shown. This is also the reason Y ruining the warping glitch, because after game end the "time left" function further delays the glitch, doing other visual corruptions (longer loading, multiple loading level before giving up and restarting etc).
  • This movie does what mintlody's TAS and still have 0 corruption

The difference between this and the other movie is just the action we use before stage transition.

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