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#54483753909679602 - [TAS] PSX Crash Bandicoot 100% Complete Glitch less [WIP]
100%Glitchless.bk2 (64.1kB bk2 movie [PSX])
Uploaded 2019-04-11 16:10:42 by ZoooM (1 file)
For PSX Crash Bandicoot (5 files)
In 12:42.94 [45237 frames], 1379 rerecords)
3967 views, 508 downloads
There is no 100% TAS of Crash Bandcioot 1 on TASVideos, and there still isn't as this doesn't use glitches and only abuses some bad hit detection, making it un useful for TASVideos.
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By Spikestuff On 2019-04-12 13:39:21
5 straight up things:

1. Please use the recommended Bios that the octoshock core mednafen requests
2. Change your controller and Memory Card to only have a single player on gamepad and no memory cards. You're wasting time at Bios load.
3. Please just leave it branched as "100%" don't bother with the "glitchless" the method is called "zipzagging".
b. You're not wiggling, which is the fastest movement paired with spinning and is not considered as a glitch, behind the TASOnly movement zipzagging, this is poorly TASed when you compare it to pirohiko's. Take your time
c. And because I literally just watched a few minutes of it. Don't do the "glitchless" branch it's boring.
4. Don't use the Japanese version. I get why you're doing it but you shouldn't, as there is a level shrunk down which doesn't feature the full game. So what's the point of 100%?
5. Also you want this it'll help your life in knowing your speed.

I'll come back to each level if you want to hear all the other issues in each level and you'll hear me nitpick on the "glitchless" part.

The original Crash Bandicoot is also a broken game like the other two Naughty Dog Platformers for that Orange Bandicoot.

Oh and for a recent enough example there is a video of it.
Here's how to do N. Sanity Beach 100% courtesy of red:

(Link to video)
#455: Thankyou
By ZoooM On 2019-04-15 22:08:47 In response to #454
Thank you for your input I didn't expect anyone to really care about this. I'll probably restart the movie now because I didn't know wiggling wasn't considered a glitch so I didn't really bother with that.

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