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User movie #5480383339746039

#5480383339746039 - MSX Metal Gear "pacifist" Test Run in 28:17.47
MSX Metal Gear "pacifist" Test Run in 28:17.omr (249kB omr movie [MSX])
Uploaded 2013-03-26 19:00:48 by dunnius (3 files)
For MSX Metal Gear (1 file)
In 28:17.47 [101717 frames], 2744 rerecords)
7892 views, 1334 downloads
This shows what a pacifist run of MSX Metal Gear would look like, except that I got too many rations.

encode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CzHR2914pE

This was done on OpenMSX 0.9.1 using a Panasonic FS-A1WSX

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