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#5691611782509024 - Atari 7800 Joust first wave
Joust (1987) (Atari) by dwangoAC WIP 1.bkm (14.1kB bkm movie [A7800])
Uploaded 2013-04-05 07:19:09 by dwangoAC (41 files)
In 00:10.75 [644 frames], 165 rerecords)
8978 views, 639 downloads
So after completely failing to get the Mednafen emulator to behave long enough to make meaningful progress on the Lynx Joust WIP I started a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at the Atari 7800 port of the game which is widely regarded as a fairly faithful port of the arcade original. The results so far are good - I think this will make a reasonably entertaining movie. The physics are drastically different than the Lynx version - notably, slamming into the ceiling does not produce a corresponding ricochet effect as was the case in the Lynx version, so dropping quickly is far more diffiult. Oddly, the Atari 7800 version has the same flap for two frames, rest for two frames pattern as the Lynx version; luckily, BizHawk's autofire support can set the number of frames on / number of frames off so this was far more pleasant to work with this time around.

I'll eventually get around to starting a forum post for comments, but feel free to create one of your own if you'd like. :) Enjoy,

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