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#56973179599646498 - Eternal Doom - Map 2 UV-Max TAS in 3:44
et02x344.lmp (32.5kB lmp movie [DOOM])
Uploaded 2019-08-01 18:52:03 by Dimon12321 (52 files)
In 03:56.35 [8273 frames], 0 rerecords)
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  • Skill 3
  • 1 players
  • Warning: Starts from map 2

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WAD: Eternal III

Filename: ETERNALL.wad

Tags: UV-Max, TAS

Walkthrough: Map 2 - Tower of Hell

Source port: XDRE 2.20 (PrBoom+

Playback command: D:\prboom-plus-\glboom-plus.exe -iwad tnt.wad -complevel 4 -file ETERNALL.wad -playdemo et02x344.lmp

This is a tool-assisted speedrun that devestates Map 2 as fast as possible. It was made frame-by-frame in XDRE 2, and less than 5 seconds were made in PrBoom+ (only last 2 Barons of Hell).

------ Comments ------

I'm very proud of my work because I spent a week on making it. It was made on my sluggish laptop that couldn't play PrBoom+ with a decent framerate, so XDRE 2 was my only option.

The map itself is simple and has linear route without any major branches. Too bad it doesn't provide a Chaingun and/or a Rocket Launcher, making some sections pretty slow as I had to do everything with super shotgun (SSG).

After grabbing the blue keycard, I let a Hell Knight hurt an imp spinning at the edge of visible stairts. I hoped he would tear the Knight a little, but it was useless at all. Also, I skipped a zombieman nearby and forgot about him.

The first part of the underground section, where I had to kill all monsters around the red keycard, was slow in my opinion. I didn't manage to provoke a decent infight. Cacodemons could kill more monsters. I tried different strategies and remade more than 15 secs again and I had saved 0,5 secs after all that trouble. I'm still not satisfied with it, but here I can claim I couldn't do better.

The warehouse with the lowering boxes in the upper-left hand corner was done perfect. I could have activated those boxes 10 tics faster, but then I would fail killing all the monsters without major time lose because they would spread up, so I kept the first attempt where I kill all the monsters in just 3 SSG blasts.

When I got to the southern pit section, Lady Lake had smiled to me and I got 4 monsters infighting. The Cacodemons from the northern pit flew over the bridge and joint the crowd down here. All monsters died quickly, but it need some refinement: to make a revenant fight someone else.

Two further sections are self-explanatory.

The most northern room, that has 2 chambers with Hell Knights, needs some improvement. Both Hell Knights, that doesn't have teleporting linedefs in front of them, didn't go towards exits and stayed inside walking around. I had to wait for them to approach me before running away.

The rest of the run is self-explanatory. Also I had to remade a section with Cacodemos and Hell knights walking on an invisible floor because of some fails and bad RNG.

Overall time: 3:44 (224.86)

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