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User movie #58010431267703640

#58010431267703640 - DBAA Improvement WIP 1
Dragon Ball - Advanced Adventure 3.bk2 (83.8kB bk2 movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2019-09-17 11:58:42 by WarHippy (7 files)
For GBA Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (7 files)
In 33:17.64 [119314 frames], 202422 rerecords)
1086 views, 148 downloads
Pilaf's Castle - Changed the end of the boss fight by finishing with a ki blast. 15 frames saved

Find the stone in the Jungle - the 15 frames saved let me get ahead of the cycle of pikes. 9 frames saved. 1 frame saved in krillin fight due to lag reduction

Break the Boulder mini-game - Made better use of being able to attack again right after getting hit. 12 frames saved

1v1 Tutorial (Block 3 attacks) - Better RNG made Krillin attack sooner. 20 Frames saved

1v1 Tutorial (Perform a Combo Finisher) - Broke the Guard Gauge faster using Sweeper instead of 3 punches. 5 Frames saved

First Fight (Giran) - Different RNG allowed for more efficient fight. 10 frames saved

Second Fight (Nam) - Better fight. 16 frames saved

Third Fight (Juckie-Chun) - RNG finally failed me on this fight. 9 frames lost, and it took me about a month just to ge it to that point

Muscle Tower - 7 frames lost in first fight due to bad rng? Multiple gains throughout the rest of the level

In total - 129 frames ahead at this point

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