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User movie #60462354582699310

#60462354582699310 - KSSU any% TAS WIP
KSSU_any2020.dsm (516kB dsm movie [DS])
Uploaded 2020-01-05 22:08:00 by Chutacoacko Playz (8 files)
In 05:26.68 [19544 frames], 2846 rerecords)
2952 views, 79 downloads
MUGG, WaddleDX, Ben Hall, Hartmann, and other TASers of KSSU that are very quick and known help on some parts.
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#533: For MUGG
By Chutacoacko Playz On 2020-01-05 22:08:35
Please change Dyna Blade for this run.

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