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User movie #66406789831147836

#66406789831147836 - Blank input frame finder (BizHawk)
Movie_find_Spike_frames.lua (1.20kB Lua script)
Uploaded 2020-09-29 15:09:38 by Dacicus (24 files)
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This script analyzes a BizHawk movie file for blank input frames at the end. Removing such frames (AKA "Spiking") should reduce movie length without changing the outcome. Run the script with the movie loaded. I have not tested this with subframe input. I don't expect it to work with analog controls.

Feel free to improve upon this.

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By Spikestuff On 2020-09-29 15:14:07
I'm insulted by this. /sarcasm

Also, still not a be all end all with those that mash inputs before people get ahead of themselves saying this "puts me out of a job" or something.
Stares at EZGames69.

This is basically the equivalent to a Light Spike.

By Spikestuff On 2020-09-29 17:00:55 In response to #671
Quoting DJ Incendration:
I don't understand. There's no sarcasm, or anything like that. Sorry for insulting you though.

Your name isn't Dacicus.

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