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User movie #68468044303341611

#68468044303341611 - A2600 Grand Prix "All Levels"
lordlouckster-vigadeomes-grandprix.bk2 (4.82kB bk2 movie [A2600])
Uploaded 2020-12-31 11:03:43 by lordlouckster (3 files)
For A2600 Grand Prix (2 files)
In 04:08.95 [14918 frames], 1107 rerecords)
266 views, 30 downloads
Games 1-3 made by lordlouckster, game 4 made by ViGadeomes. The braking in game 3 is not particularly well optimized. Temp encode: https://youtu.be/j0h2WOIxHRY
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