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User movie #8228204947072282

#8228204947072282 - Duck Tales 1 WIP
MESHUGGAH_DT1_WIPv2.fm2 (225kB fm2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2013-07-28 12:59:21 by MESHUGGAH (344 files)
For NES DuckTales (19 files)
In 04:14.83 [15315 frames], 15551 rerecords)
13133 views, 822 downloads
  • Level 1 - Amazonas
    • 1 frame gained by taking the bottom route to use rope boost (under the snake)
    • 5 frames gained by manipulating the bee spawn to take more rope boost (right after the earlier improvement)
    • 1 frame gained by reducing the lag frame (after the ropes)
    • 2 frames gained by reducing the lag frame after going through the falling laggy bridge

--> 9 frames

  • Level 2 - Transylvania
    • 1 frame gained by hitting the boss 1 frame earlier

--> 10 frames

  • Level 3 - Couldn't improve this stage.

  • Level 4 -
    • 5 frames gained by manipulating away the goat.
    • 3 frames gained by manipulating the goat to fall as fast as possible to the next scenes

--> 18 frames - amount of frames need to "despawn" the hockey enemies

Currently I got a bad spawns (x2) of hockey enemies at level 4 after goats, so I'm trying to understand how to manipulate away them without sacrificing too much speed in the icy stage.

I had some crazy ideas that turned out to be much slower like changing the internal timers (timer1 (level timer) and timer2 (special timer (boss, transformation, level end, etc, grabbing all ropes and taking damage at level 1, making bigger vertical boosts, using different route for level 2.

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