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User movie #9384729643162394

#9384729643162394 - Mega Man Zero 3 - first 9 missions
Z3-TAS v15.vbm (209kB vbm movie [GBA])
Uploaded 2013-09-18 15:00:57 by hellagels (14 files)
For GBA Mega Man Zero 3 (7 files)
In 29:51.07 [106976 frames], 17530 rerecords)
11087 views, 928 downloads
Desert of Dusk finished. Saved 59 frames from the current movie at present. I get an before going to Area X-2 so I will get an EX skill of Reflect Laser. Reflect Laser is never used in exist TAS movies, but I found that it can save a little time.

A new route may be picked: ...Area X-2 -- Sunken library -- Energy Facility -- Gigantic Elevator -- Sub-Neo-Arcadia I am not sure whether it save time.

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