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Submission #3221: funnyhair's SNES Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow in 30:06.12

Console: Super NES
Game name: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (U).smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 30:06.12
FrameCount: 108367
Re-record count: 66603
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: funnyhair
Submitter: funnyhair
Submitted at: 2011-07-10 16:43:38
Text last edited at: 2011-07-15 22:05:10
Text last edited by: Brandon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

After two Years of work, it is finally finished. It took so long because things in the real world interfered with the work being done.

There are many things saved and Most of them I have forgotten in detail. Many of the levels, in world one save like 5-10 frames. I will list all the large improvements.

Also keep in mind that Running is faster than jumping and falling. Jumping over ledges is slower than actually falling, except when small Donald.

The First one comes in the second level (2-1). When jumping at the things I swing on, If i make an additional jump, for one frame then spin and attach myself again, this saves like seven frames over jumping and turning.

Speaking of Turning, It is faster to use left+right, then just press the direction. However, we did not find this out until world four unfortuantly.

The second major improvement is still within 2-1. the second stone duck is turned earlier after the elevator. This saves 34 frames. I am sorry about the speed of these ducks, I can't make them move any faster.

The next major one comes from 2-3. Transforming earlier while on the swing saves 55 frames.

2-4 This next boss was tough. Some of the ducks could be killed earlier, But this game is so frame based, That if you can delay a few frames you can get the ducks to spawn faster. Tompa and I experimented with this, sometimes killing it the fastest was not all that fast. I manipulated this to be as fast as I could. Also the duck on the left has 1 more HP than the one of the left. This is why we try to spawn that one first, or hit that one first.

3-1 Is a short level, not much was saved.

3-2 55 frames was saved due to a new strategy for the huts. As small Donald if you jump before over the ledge, than you save one frame. This is the only time this works.

3-3 Is a complicated boss fight. All of the ducks are Invisible for a few seconds. I have to wait to hit them.

4-1 Untransforming and shooting the boss in this level saves 250 frames.

4-2 In this level we discovered the faster turning. This happens one of two ways. as Donald, You press up or Up left/right for one frame. Donald will hold up his gun then you press the direction you want to turn in, and viola, you will have turned. As the ninja, you can turn after you press down for one frame. this was not discovered until this point, which is why we did not use it in one place in 1-4. I did not want to re do 40k frames to save 7. I hope you understand.

4-3 The lava moves at a predetermined speed. At some points I lose frames, but in the end I save about 9.

5-2 The placement of the ducks is movement based. I don't move much in the beginning because this allows for the correct placement of the ducks.

5-3 Fast forward through this level. Honestly.

5-5 The frog is annoying. There is really no way to avoid getting hit by the bones. Also, Moving around changes the position of the ducks. Really annoying but I did my best to make it entertaining.

6-1 & 6-2 Through new strategies Tompa and I discovered that you move faster using the same direction. So sometimes we come to a complete stop for a frame before moving to a new direction. Through these discoveries we saved 120 frames in both of these levels.

7-1 When you transform to go into the green area, you move slower than running. So in the right areas, we drop out as soon as possible so we can run the rest of the way. This makes major savings.

7-2 In this level is where most of the savings takes place. Over 5000 frames were saved.When standing on the ground the movement of the bottle goes faster, as well as the green gas. Both slow down while jumping. I do not jump unless I am climbing through the level. I try to keep this as entertaining as possible.

8-1 final boss fight. I destroy the other two orbs just for fun. They don't actually do anything.

Tompa found a way to end input earlier adding to the savings. In total 6641 frames was saved.

I would like to thank Comicalflop for getting me into Tasing. And for all of the constant support. I would also like to thank Grunt, who fixed the run without desynchs to no longer say Starts from save state.

Lastly, I would like to thank Tompa, who helped me the whole way. He constantly found improvements and explained to me what I did wrong, and how this saves time. I could not have done this without him!

If I forgot to thank anyone lemme know so I can thank you properly.

Mukki: Judging...

Mukki: Looks good. Accepting as an improvement to the currently published run.

Brandon: Publication underway.

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