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User movie #16833193753522478

#16833193753522478 - Mario Bros TAS "2 players 5 phases" By kusoman & StarSwirl
mariobrostaskusomanstarswirlbeard.bk2 (3.55kB bk2 movie [NES])
Uploaded 2014-08-20 01:40:08 by kusoman (22 files)
In 02:29.29 [8972 frames], 77 rerecords)
9463 views, 477 downloads
pretty well done TAS I did this TAS with a friend (who doesn't have an account so is a guest) pretty fun to make too Rerecord Count: 77 ROM Filename: Mario Bros. (World).nes now that I finished this TAS I can continue with my Mega Man & and Bass GBA TAS
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#49: Isn't 77 rr too low?
By got4n On 2014-08-20 12:11:31
I think in my opinion 77 rerecord is too low mostly for 2p :p
#50: Isn't 77 rr too low?
By Spikestuff On 2014-08-20 12:13:02 In response to #49
Quoting got4n:
I think in my opinion 77 rerecord is too low mostly for 2p :p

My Point Exactly

By Buddybenj On 2014-08-20 13:51:14
Kusoman, I recommend you watch the TAS Tutorial (http://tasvideos.org/TASTutorial.html). It will help you understand how to optimize your TASes (especially part 2 of the TAS Tutorial).

Also this TAS looks very sloppy.

Btw, I have already beaten your Test Your Skill level with only 1 player (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TGb16A7Dh4), which is optimal without the use of the pause glitch.

By kusoman On 2014-08-20 19:31:35
I know it pretty sloppy im more of a RTA person

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