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User movie #69127871762621492

#69127871762621492 - INTV PBA Bowling faster menuing
pbabowling-DrD2k9-fastmenu.bk2 (7.73kB bk2 movie [INTV])
Uploaded 2021-01-30 04:14:05 by Winslinator (15 files)
In 02:25.33 [8708 frames], 2246 rerecords)
324 views, 11 downloads
Potential improvement to Submission #6997: DrD2k9's INTV PBA Bowling "Game 2: Pick-Up Spares" in 02:25.68

The menuing at the beginning was completed 21 frames faster by using the second controller to increase the input rate. The rest is unfinished and it desyncs after the second throw.

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