Submission #1013: Diman's SNES Street Fighter II - The World Warrior in 10:18.12

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA Frame Count 37087
ROM Filename Street Fighter II - The World Warrior.smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 12601
Unknown Authors Diman
Game Street Fighter II
Submitted by Diman on 3/14/2006 7:08:02 PM

Submission Comments
Recorded on Snes9x
  • Abuse luck
  • Try to be fast and entertaining
  • Jump and hit the enemies often because it seems to be the fastest way to damage
  • Use combos on the bonusstages
  • take no damage
  • Play at the hardest level
A quick (?) playthrough with Ryu
Yaow! This is the first snes run I have ever submitted. I hope you don't mind that I'm jumping often- I can understand if that bothers. I'm Abusing luck so I don't get hit, and I'm also know how the enemy is going to attack me. I'm not as good as Saturn (my opinion) but I thinked that the movie still looked good enough to submit. I'm trying to hit the enemy everytime I jump. But I can't do that always (Have to take a few steps) = ( = P.
Take a look at it and tell me your opinions please!

Truncated: Rejected because of bad combos (the longest was 4 hits i think, but most were 1-hit), repetitive style, bad character choice (we have a Ken movie and this is very similar), slow tempo, some CPU blocking, plenty of missed punches, slow bonus stages (hadoken on the car? why?), and choosing an older slower version of the game when there is a newer one.
Some words of advice:
  • Choose a good game and put more time into making it. Perhaps, try to improve one of the existing movies so you don't have to worry about game choice.
  • Don't have getting published as your ultimate goal. Make a movie which you think is impressive to watch.

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