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We allow libTAS to run PCem as a Windows XP machine emulator. Only TASVideos releases of PCem are allowed. Such releases are marked st to indicate single-threading - modification required for determinism, not available in the original PCem. libTAS is needed because PCem doesn't have any TAS tools. Huge thanks to people who helped making this possible: keylie, slamo, InputEvelution, YoshiRulz, fsvgm777, and all the testers!
posted by feos on 10/22/2023 2:06 PM
libTAS 1.4.5 released! Download link and changelog are here:
posted by Samsara on 9/5/2023 1:24 AM
We've now hit two of these progress report posts, that means it's officially a recurring feature! There's actually a lot to talk about, so let's get right into it. In this post:
  • openMSX 19.1 released!
  • Site submission record broken for the second year in a row!!
  • New staff role: Senior Moderator!!!
  • Dream Team Contest 11!!!!
  • TASVideos' 20th anniversary!!!!!
  • Addressing the recent username changes!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

We normally announce emulator releases in separate news posts, but given that there are so many other things to talk about, I felt that having two news posts coming one after another would split the attention too much between them. openMSX 19.1 has been released! This is a further bug fix release coming hot off the heels of openMSX 19.0, which was also a large bug fix release, but it was also one that we kinda sorta forgot to announce. Haha, oops, whoops, sorry! Furthermore, the site has been updated to account for changes made to the OMR input file format in recent versions. openMSX site: 19.1 download:
Let's start with the fun and exciting site stuff, of which there is plenty! On November 20th, 2022, TASVideos officially broke its almost 19 year old record for most submissions received in a year, surpassing the 540 submissions we received in 2004, when submissions first opened. We went on to receive almost 100 more submissions over the rest of 2022, bringing the new record to 639 going into 2023. I'm proud to announce that we have broken the submission record for the second year in a row by receiving our 640th submission! There's a bit of a twist to this, though: Technically, two runs broke the record! We've started getting into the habit of deleting duplicate submissions, and with this year having had an unprecedented submission volume, that means there were more chances for things to go weird with accidental duplicates. 10 submissions were deleted this way, meaning that there is both a technical record breaker that counts these deleted submissions and an on-paper record breaker that doesn't. I think it's fair to showcase both! Counting the 10 deleted submissions toward the total, the record breaker is: #8562: EZGames69 & Randomno's Flash SHIFT in 02:45.92 Not counting the 10 deleted submissions, the record breaker according to the submissions list is: #8572: LogansGamingRoom's NES The Void in 04:00.17 What makes this even more impressive is that we're still only in August. There's a very good chance we'll hit 900 submissions by the end of the year, which is absolutely insane given that we generally averaged around 300-400 most years. We literally couldn't have done this without you all. That... That's kinda how a user submission system works. Would be hard to break a user submission record without users. I'm being flippant as a bit, this really is amazing and I'm so proud of this community for contributing so much this year. Thank you all!
We've expanded our Senior Staff team with a new role and a person to fill said new role! Prior to today, overseeing moderation has fallen entirely on the administration team, which has had mixed results depending on which admin is overseeing it. Let's just say certain Samsaras aren't particularly great at it. As the site grows, our need for moderation grows as well, both in terms of actual moderator activity and actual moderator... having. Actually having moderators. With the Admins having so many other duties, it made sense to provide a new role that serves as the official head of moderation. moozooh has been with the site almost since the beginning and has served wonderfully as a Moderator since he was brought on. His active, balanced and level-headed approach to moderation combined with his seniority made him the perfect choice to fill the new Senior Moderator role! Congratulations, moozooh, and welcome to the administrative side! Show your love to moozooh by being fine and upstanding members of the community. The best way to appreciate a Moderator is to not make them work.
Like a bolt from the blue, it's time for Dream Team Contest 11! I've never been good at rhymes. For those of you who are unaware, the Dream Team Contest is a group TASing competition held whenever people feel like hosting one. Teams of TASers sign up and tackle a mystery game, aiming to make the best TAS of it within a certain time period. The contest is open to everyone, regardless of skill level, so if you've been wanting to get into TASing but felt overwhelmed doing it on your own, I'd highly recommend signing up, joining a team, and learning live! Signups close on September 16th, 2023, at 23:59 UTC, so you still have a little under two weeks to join!
Finally, the craziest news of all in my opinion: It's Sonic's 30th anniversary TASVideos' 20th anniversary... very soon! The site was founded in December 2003, and we want to celebrate 20 years of providing the best in tool-assisted speedruns and also Short Order. We've got a couple ideas in mind, but we'd love to hear what you think we should do as well! Fun events, site history things, re-adding spaces to usernames, there's a lot of things we could do for this. Apologies for this section being so short. I'll give further updates once we actually start having some set, public plans.
Alright, moving from fun and exciting news into one last thing that is less fun and exciting: We've removed spaces from everyone's usernames. Those who were affected by this change were informed through site PM, but there wasn't a formal site announcement until now, so I wanted to bring attention to it, explain why it happened, and most importantly apologize for the sudden nature of it. To put it simply, supporting spaces in usernames severely complicates the site code. The main complication is that we identify users in URLs with their usernames, a holdover from the old site that needed to be kept when making the new site so data could be migrated over properly. This presented a lot of problems, both visible and invisible. The most visible complication is simply how URLs are parsed: If you're linking to a user's profile or Homepage on Discord, for example, the link just breaks if the username has a space in it. If this doesn't sound so bad... Well, by itself, it isn't horrible, admittedly. Annoying as hell, but something that could reasonably be dealt with. The real problem comes from the maintenance and all of the less visible and much worse issues that needed to be found and fixed as soon as possible. One notable issue involved having a space at the end of a username. Such a profile was extremely difficult to get to from the site if there was a matching username without the space, as you would always be sent to that profile instead of the profile with the space. In other words, you could've not only impersonated a user, but explicitly pinned horrible behavior on them because your spaced profile would have led to their real profile. This particular bug also would've made ban evasion easier, as you could just drop a space down after any username and made it more cumbersome to access your actual profile. This actually did nearly let a ban evader go free, which is how the bug was caught in the first place. Thankfully, because of the changes, this is no longer possible. To put it even more simply, the laissez-faire attitude of the old site made feature parity and maintenance on the new site a hell of a lot more stressful, so if you had a spaced username and are lamenting its loss, blame the old site for not caring whether or not it was possible in the first place. Removing support for spaces was something we had intended to do for a while, though I will fully admit we dropped the ball on announcing it ahead of time, and we apologize for that. For anyone who was affected by the spaces-to-underscores replacement and would like to change their username to account for it, send me a PM on the site with the name you want and I'll get it done. Also, I'd like to state that it's not impossible for us to re-implement support in the future. Maintaining what we had was messy enough as it was and made dev work harder, and dropping support means cleaner code and more efficiency right now, but that doesn't mean we don't support the idea at all. That being said, a cleaner implementation is not something the current dev team will be focusing on any time soon. At the risk of unintentionally sounding like I'm saying "hey jerkweeds, if you're gonna complain, do it yourself", remember that TASVideos is open source now. We're open to contributions and definitely open to expanding the dev team, so feel free to jump in! Quick and minor final note: The login system shouldn't technically be affected by the space-to-underscore replacement, i.e affected users should still be able to log in with the space version of their username, though of course it won't work anywhere outside of that.
Well, that was a lot of news! I'll try not to let things pile up so much for the next site progress report, it just so happened to be that a lot of little-but-newsworthy things happened all around the same time. Tune in next time for more news, including things I don't know about yet because I can't predict the future!
posted by Samsara on 8/7/2023 5:03 AM
TASVideos will be celebrating its 20th birthday soon, and like most 20 year olds it has seen its fair share of weird oddities and changes over those two decades. Unlike a living 20 year old, however, those oddities haven't actually gone away in that time, and as a result we've sort of just kept a bunch of them archived on the site wiki ready to confuse anyone who looks at them. I'm proud to announce, admittedly far later than it should've been but still better than not at all, that we're working on changing that with a full wiki restructure project! Old information will be updated, misplaced information will be moved to the correct places, weird old pages with nothing on them will be removed, and by the end of this hopefully the wiki will be less confusing and contradictory towards itself! Progress and discussion will mostly be happening in this thread, and everyone is encouraged to take a poke around the wiki and offer feedback on what changes should be made to provide a more accessible and easily understood site wiki. Feel free to bring up anything that stands out to you as strange or out-of-place: Chances are, it actually is strange or out of place, and those are precisely the things we want to fix most. Please note that this process will break offsite links to TASVideos if they link to any page that gets moved, renamed, or deleted, so be careful about linking to specific TASVideos pages offsite until the end of the restructuring is announced. We are accounting for and correcting onsite links and referrals as they come up during the restructuring process, so no need to worry there. Hopefully this won't happen too often, and it shouldn't be happening at all on the high traffic pages. There isn't much that can be done to prevent this at the moment, but if you're a developer and you're interested in helping us mitigate the damage, there is currently an open pull request for a redirect system that could use a lot more attention, even if it's just something like "hey this ain't it chief, let's draft a better one". Help is always appreciated, especially help that comes in the form of giving us very shiny and very useful things we can use to make the site better! Once we have a more concrete draft of the exact changes we want to make, it will be posted for everyone to see and discuss. I'm expecting this entire process to take a good couple months to allow for proper discussion time, further revision, preparation, and finally implementation. Some minor changes have already been made, mainly page deletions of pages that nobody even knew existed, and more of these minor changes will continue to happen in the background while bigger changes are being drafted and discussed. All in all, here's to things not going terribly wrong! Even if they do, those results are probably still better than having a donation page that only read "We are not accepting donations" for 11 straight years and only realizing just now in 2023 that there's no reason to keep it around.
At first there were 70 stars, because Bowser demanded it. Then there were 16 stars, because MIPS the Rabbit demanded it. Then there was 1 star, because Bowser's Sub demanded it. Then there were no stars, but 2 keys, because the door leading to the castle basement demanded it. Now there is 1 key because the viewers are impatient and demanded the game be quicker.
As with many other runs on this site, the goal of pure speed has resulted in the complete breaking of the game. Very little of the game's normal play remains. If you'd like to see more of what Super Mario 64 has to offer, see the "70 Stars, no BLJ" run or the "120 Stars" run.
This appears to be an improvement by 00:02.32 seconds, however if we account for emulation differences between Mupen and BizHawk, the improvement is closer to 00:04.90 seconds. Please read the submission notes for more information on the improvements.
Super Mario 64 has a history of publications on this site. If you wish to see how it unfolded since the beginning, see the page SM64TASHistory.
If you're looking for a TAS on the Nintendo DS remake, you can watch it here.

Since this movie was made using Mupen, with the m64 file converted to the bk2 format, you can download the original m64 file under the publication page. Timing for the m64 file is around 04:16.4.
You can watch this movie played back on a real console.

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