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Have you ever thought "I want to be a Judge, but I don't think I have the qualifications or the time commitment to do it"? The new Reviewer role might be perfect for you! Reviewers make up a trusted panel of experienced community members, working alongside Judges to curate what content makes it onto TASvideos. They are not able to directly process submissions like Judges. Instead, their role is to streamline the overall judging process by providing first pass reviews of workbench submissions. Examples of what Reviewers can do include verifying that input files sync and checking for any obvious mistakes in routing and optimization. They are also given a much bigger voice in discussions over difficult judgements and possible changes to our submission rules. For more information on the role, there's an in-depth writeup on the Judging wiki page. If you'd like to be a Reviewer, please contact Samsara, and then expect to wait for several hours because she's really bad at both sleeping and checking site DMs.
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We are putting out a permanent call for new staff members and other forms of contributors. In particular, we are looking for new judges, publishers, encoders, editors, and developers. One can read the thread or the wiki page for more information.
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The recent release of libTAS 1.4.3 significantly improved support for Ruffle, a Flash Player emulator in active development. Since then, several full TASes were made of Flash games using Ruffle running in libTAS with confirmed sync for multiple users, proving that it is a reliable and stable TASing workflow. Because of this, we are now officially supporting and accepting Flash submissions! For those of you interested in creating and submitting Flash TASes, our Resource page for Ruffle contains highly important information that you need to know: You can get libTAS 1.4.3 here: Ruffle nightly builds are located here: Also, check out our first Flash submission: #7368: rythin's Flash Meat Boy in 02:51.10
posted by adelikat on 3/29/2022 10:28 PM
libTAS 1.4.3 Released, more info here
Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. fighting game series is rather different from your typical fighting game. Instead of wearing your opponent's health down to 0, you must knock him or her out of the battlefield. Damage counts upwards, with knockback from attacks that hit you becoming more severe as your damage increases. Fighting controls are also simplified, making it very easy for even your non-gaming friends to pick up and play.
Super Smash Bros. Melee offers fighters from the wealth of Nintendo characters like Mario, Bowser, different Pokémon, Link, and Kirby. They can either fight through the single-player modes like Classic, Adventure, and Event Mode, or they battle it out against other characters in a four-player frenzy.
Additional characters and stages are unlocked as hidden objectives are met, and coins rewarded for playing in all modes can be spent on a capsule toy machine. The toys in the machine represent games from Nintendo's entire video game history, and each can be viewed in 3D with a brief description.
In this TAS, numerics plays through Adventure Mode with Samus, abusing glitches to move through the stages at a high rate of speed while making the battles as entertaining as possible.
Note: There are encodes of higher resolution in the discussion thread.

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2 hours ago C64 Royal Rescue 02:09.90 nymx
9 hours ago GBC Resident Evil Gaiden 25:32.05 (Was 28:26.57) Flip
3 days ago A7800 Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days 12:44.75 MrTASer & Samsara
3 days ago NES Nalleland 00:43.04 MarioAtWork
3 days ago Flash Super Mario Flash 04:40.92 (Was 04:43.04) Vexxter, TheAmazingAladdin & RileyTech
4 days ago PSX Final Fantasy VII "no slots" 6:10:51.06 Lil_Gecko
4 days ago GC Spider-Man "Green Goblin" 20:47.65 (Was 23:20.28) Natetheman223
4 days ago Flash The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1 02:17.33 roblox8192 & TheAmazingAladdin
7 days ago Flash 20 Lockers Room Escape 00:30.63 Spikestuff
8 days ago Linux Gateways 00:49.02 rythin & negative seven
Royal Rescue by nymx

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14 hours ago NES Wall Street Kid 20:22.64 ShesChardcore New
14 hours ago NES Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II 07:09.06 eien86, Aglar & Randil New
17 hours ago Genesis Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Touitsusen "low%, playaround" 12:08.55 pftmclub New

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5 hours ago enderpal7 Moonball Magic (Japan) [b] LEVEL 0 TIME BABEY.bk2 Moonball Magic (FDS) Up to Level 11
15 hours ago Dimon12321 Doom E 32X Resurrection v2.1.bk2 Doom 32X Resurrection - Nightmare TAS Walkthrough
3 days ago Lobsterzelda Beat_Game.sav.dtm Finished Star Fox Adventures No Void Travel TAS
3 days ago Memory blinky improvement again.bk2 Blinky Atari 2600 44 Frame Improvement
3 days ago M1D Taking_Damage.bk2 49 frames Saved Overall If Taking Damage
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