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For the longest time, the record for most submissions in a single year was 540 submissions set in 2004, when the site first opened its doors to submission. For years since, the numbers consistently dwindled. This year however, we bucked that trend and have hit 541 submissions and counting. This is completely unexpected levels of growth. It is great to see the efforts put into improving the site have truly paid off. Thank you to everyone who uses our site, it is greatly appreciated.
posted by Samsara 16 days ago
Submission volume has been record-breakingly high, which is absolutely fantastic! I love it! The only issue is that it's overwhelming our current Judge team, and we're in need of more to help maintain the heavily increased flow.
  • You should have experience with high-level TAS optimization. Having published runs is highly recommended!
  • You should be an active and supportive member of the community. Judging isn't all looking at submissions, it's being a helpful guide for the community as well!
  • Joining our Discord Server is a requirement to be able to keep up with staff conversations.
  • Those interested in being Judges will be trained and advised in the Reviewer role first.
For more detailed information, please read the Wiki: Judging page. If you're interested, please contact me as soon as possible!
posted by feos on 9/10/2022 9:49 AM
libTAS is able to run MAME quite well, and we accept movie submissions made that way! We made a guide that should help you set it up: Wiki: EmulatorResources/MAME For movie submissions, general libTAS rules apply, and we have some MAME specific rules too. MAME emulates a lot of different systems, most notably Arcade machines, and their TASing is the primary goal here. But if a non-Arcade system is emulated well, without obvious problems, and we don't have an approved rerecording emulator for it, we're allowing that too! Just note that those systems will need a bit of review (and movie parser support).
posted by Samsara on 9/9/2022 11:10 AM
As of today, submissions that rely on premade saves are universally acceptable and publishable as standard publications! Prior to this announcement, SRAM-anchored submissions were required to be entertaining enough to make it to Moons, and this is now no longer the case. The following changes are now in effect: SRAM will be allowed in standard publications.
  • Runs that utilize SRAM are separate branches that do not compete with or obsolete runs from power-on.
  • Verification movies are a hard requirement, and will now be included with publications. Arrangements can be made for submissions where a verification movie is impossible, however.
The following SRAM-anchored branches will be acceptable as standard publications:
  • Unlockable modes, characters, and difficulties that cannot be unlocked through in-game codes.
  • New Game +, including minor things like cutscene/text skipping.
  • Heavily glitched runs that rely on premade SRAM, i.e "save glitch" and "game end glitch" runs that are otherwise impossible to perform without a premade save.
  • DLC missions and equivalents such as E-Reader, as long as verification is possible in some legally hostable form.
Further changes may come in the future as well. For more information on how this change was presented and discussed, see this thread. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Ask a Judge thread, or contact Samsara via PM or Discord!
Super Metroid is a platform game and a follow-up to Metroid II. Like the previous games in the series, it is not divided into separate levels; the planet Zebes is an open world which Samus traverses back and forth. This world is divided into rooms separated with doors which must be shot to be opened. Shooting is also used to open up secret passages, some of which contain nifty bonuses, but finding most of them is required to proceed in the game.
This run not only beats the previous any% but also obsoletes the previous reverse boss order TAS due to similar routes. This is an improvement of 1:40.95 over the predecessor movie. As well as an improvement over the reverse boss order TAS by 10:40.51.
Sniq makes short work of Mother Brain and her space pirates, largely due to a major route change. Please read the author's submission notes for more information.

Every second encode link leads to a version where all graphics have been fixed.

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Classic Concentration by ShesChardcore

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2 days ago Genesis Animaniacs 23:01.66 The8bitbeast Judging Underway

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