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Reminder that if you currently have an account on the site and have not logged in since the start of the new year, to please do so. All legacy passwords from before the rewrite will be reset on January 23rd at approximately 4PM UTC. You will need to perform a password reset to login after that point.
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When moving to the new code base, we were able to copy over user passwords. However, the old password storage was not secure. If you log in to the new system, it will upgrade that storage to something safer. The idea was to allow a seamless upgrade as users could log in right away. However, I do not want to keep insecurely stored password for any longer than necessary. On January 23rd, I will remove old style passwords. - If you log in before this date, your password will automatically "upgrade" (It is still recommended you also update your password) - If you fail to log in before this date, you will need to use the forgot password workflow in order to be able to log in again (which will include setting your password)
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It is time to vote for your favorite movie of 2021 to win the TAS of the Year award! Registered members can place their votes for any or all of the 10 candidates here. Voting will close on January 21st 2022, 23:59 UTC.
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TASVideos has just undergone a major overhaul. It now has new features such as https, dark mode, mobile friendly design and others. Expect some bugs for the near future and report them to https://github.com/TASVideos/tasvideos. Additional topics will probably be made in the near future for discussion of features and other things.
At first there were 70 stars, because Bowser demanded it. Then there were 16 stars, because MIPS the Rabbit demanded it. Then there was 1 star, because Bowser's Sub demanded it. Then there were no stars, but 2 keys, because the door leading to the castle basement demanded it. Now there is 1 key because the viewers are impatient and demanded the game be quicker.
As with many other runs on this site, the goal of pure speed has resulted in the complete breaking of the game. Very little of the game's normal play remains. If you'd like to see more of what Super Mario 64 has to offer, see the "70 Stars, no BLJ" run or the "120 Stars" run.
This appears to be an improvement by 00:02.32 seconds, however if we account for emulation differences between Mupen and BizHawk, the improvement is closer to 00:04.90 seconds. Please read the submission notes for more information on the improvements.
Super Mario 64 has a history of publications on this site. If you wish to see how it unfolded since the beginning, see the page SM64TASHistory.
If you're looking for a TAS on the Nintendo DS remake, you can watch it here.

Since this movie was made using Mupen, with the m64 file converted to the bk2 format, you can download the original m64 file here. Timing for the m64 file is around 04:16.4.
Full list of authors for this movie: Tyler Kehne, MKDasher, sonicpacker, Snark, SilentSlayers, Gaehne D, Eru, ToT, Plush, sm64expert, dar gos, Superdavo0001, IsaacA & Dabs.

Latest Publications

Date Game Time By
1 day ago GC Luigi's Mansion 09:27.42 (Was 10:11.85) NEVERDOORS
10 days ago GBA Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga "all bosses" 1:50:48.04 Potato
12 days ago NES Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters 33:31.05 juef
15 days ago PSX Bishi Bashi Special 3: Step Champ "Track & Field, best performance" 03:02.40 (Was 02:41.27) Spikestuff
17 days ago Wii Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! 01:40.47 (Was 01:40.15) Awosomeandy
19 days ago SGB Gamera: Daikaijuu Kuuchuu Kessen 19:29.90 CasualPokePlayer
20 days ago PSX MediEvil 21:05.91 (Was 43:32.35) Crash41596
21 days ago DS You Have to Burn the Rope DS 00:25.77 (Was 00:25.87) EZGames69
24 days ago DS Tetris Party Deluxe "Sprint" 00:43.76 (Was 00:43.04) Mars608
29-12-2021 Linux Iconoclasts "no airswim" 1:02:10.27 ikuyo & Serena
Luigi shows the ghosts that they're not the only ones that can pass through walls.
Luigi's Mansion by NEVERDOORS

Newest Submissions

Date Game Time By Status
14 hours ago PCE Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police 18:56.09 KidKoopa New
2 days ago GBA Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 10:39.19 Superposition New
2 days ago NES Super Mario Bros.: Minus World And Beyond " -3 completion" 02:34.41 MrTASer New
4 days ago N64 Tigger's Honey Hunt 25:57.28 EZGames69 New
4 days ago NES SuperBob "Any%" 01:58.69 MrTASer New

Newest User Files/WIPs

Uploaded By Filename Title
7 hours ago DJ Incendration DJIncendration-SuperBob.fm2 Super Bob TAS improvement
12 hours ago PoochyEXE Wario's Woods (USA) R73.bk2 Wario's Woods Rounds 1-73
14 hours ago gstick CVHOD_bug_room.bk2 Bug room in clock tower B
18 hours ago warmCabin Rockman2BM-cabin-176frame.fm2 Rockman 2 Basic Master - Gemini 176 frame improvement
1 day ago GarbiTheGlitcheress Cameltry (Japan) 1.bk2 Cameltry first third planes improved; 885 frames saved to bring the full run time to 36:48
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