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You heard right, Person Who Almost Certainly Read The Title Of This Post! Voting for the TAS of 2022 is now open, and the winners of every other category have been announced! Here they are!
NES TAS of 2022: [4739] NES Darkwing Duck by DreamYao, J.Y & aiqiyou in 10:43.11 SNES TAS of 2022: [4685] SNES Super Mario World "glitchfest" by IgorOliveira666 in 2:54:33.62 Sega TAS of 2022: [4682] Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "100%" by Tee-N-Tee, DarkShamilKhan, ParadaxeTH, Aglar & Zurggriff in 32:25.82 Nintendo 3D TAS of 2022: [4925] Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns by TheRandomMaster, SpeedyTheHedgehog & Jaiden in 1:25:02.95 Gameboy TAS of 2022: [4929] GBC The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX "100%" by TwistedTammer in 51:47.70 GBA TASes of 2022: [4576] GBA Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga "all bosses" by Potato in 1:50:48.04 [4618] GBA Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by GMP in 28:37.38 [4636] GBA Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance "Juste, Boss Rush, Hard" by Tarion in 05:01.34 DS/DSi/3DS TAS of 2022: [4602] DS N+ "all single player levels" by slamo in 40:35.01 PSX TASes of 2022: [4725] PSX Pac-Man World by SFan & lapogne36 in 19:56.03 [5021] PSX Spyro: Year of the Dragon "100 eggs" by wafflewizard1 & jeremythompson in 45:21.30 PC TAS of 2022: [4730] DOOM Doom II: Hell on Earth by almostmatt1 & Zero Master in 10:19.40 Flash TAS of 2022: [4633] Flash Portal: The Flash Version "no level skip" by rythin in 02:25.87 Atari TAS of 2022: [5007] A2600 Othello "maximum score" by negative seven in 01:37.84 Exotic TAS of 2022: [4585] PICO8 CELESTE Classic by FlyingPenguin223, RichConnerGMN, cominixo, ikuyo, Meep, Snoo23, gonengazit, Lord Snek, Akliant, Beeb, Warspyking & RoundUpGaming in 01:42.77 First Edition TAS of 2022: [4668] 3DS The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D by benstephens56 in 23:31.29 Glitchy TAS of 2022: [4685] SNES Super Mario World "glitchfest" by IgorOliveira666 in 2:54:33.62 Lucky TAS of 2022: [4717] A2600 Warlords by ShesChardcore in 00:00.28 Homebrew TAS of 2022: [4831] NES Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition by aiqiyou & J.Y in 05:55.87 ROM Hack TAS of 2022: [4723] N64 Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition "157 Stars" by Frame, RSw, homerfunky, sm64expert, galoomba, Superdavo0001 & Somebro in 1:55:31.37 NES TASer of 2022: ShesChardcore SNES TASer of 2022: EZGames69 Sega TASers of 2022: Darkman425 and The8bitbeast Nintendo 3D TASer of 2022: Natetheman223 Gameboy TASer of 2022: Alyosha GBA TASer of 2022: Darkman425 DS/DSi/3DS TASer of 2022: benstephens56 PSX TASer of 2022: ThunderAxe31 PC TASer of 2022: rythin Flash TASer of 2022: Spikestuff Atari TASer of 2022: ShesChardcore Exotic TASer of 2022: ikuyo Rookie TASer of 2022: ShesChardcore TASer of 2022: ShesChardcore
Congratulations to all the winners, all the nominees, and to everyone in the community! This was an amazing year for TASvideos. Let's keep the positive vibes and incredibly momentum going into 2023!
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A day Right On Time and a dollar Right On Money on the news post, sorry about that! At the end of a completely normal week of nominations and nominations, it is time to vote for those many, many, many options for site awards! Registered users may vote for nominees in the threads linked in this post. Please keep in mind that multiple votes are both allowed and encouraged, and that a movie or TASer must receive at least a majority of votes in order to win. Also, maybe don't vote for your own movies, but honestly I don't really think I can stop you this time!
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A day late and a dollar short on the news post, sorry about that! At the end of a record-shattering year of submissions and publications, it is time to nominate those many, many, many options for site awards! Registered users may post their nominations in the threads linked in this post. Please keep in mind that multiple nominations are both allowed and encouraged, and that a movie or TASer must receive at least two nominations in order to qualify. Also, do not nominate your own movies!
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For the longest time, the record for most submissions in a single year was 540 submissions set in 2004, when the site first opened its doors to submission. For years since, the numbers consistently dwindled. This year however, we bucked that trend and have hit 541 submissions and counting. This is completely unexpected levels of growth. It is great to see the efforts put into improving the site have truly paid off. Thank you to everyone who uses our site, it is greatly appreciated.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a vibrant, colorful and fun game that stars the popular Yoshi. From a technical standpoint, the game is very exceptional on the SNES due to its use of the SuperFX² coprocessor. The chip allows for many cool special effects that are otherwise impossible on the SNES.
This is a 100% completion of the game. It plays through all the levels and collects every item that contributes to end-of-level score: 5 flowers, 20 red coins, and 30 stars. By getting 100% completion in each stage, six extra stages are also unlocked. These are played at the end of the run, again with 100% scores.
The authors of the run have spent over three years working on this run, showing off plenty of egg juggling, precise shots, and other incredible antics. This run does not use certain glitches present in the other runs of the game (an any% run and a warp glitch run), but there should still be plenty to surprise you. Reading the authors' lengthy comments is recommended.

Note: The many graphical issues are a result of inaccurate emulation.

Latest Publications

Date Game Time By
3 days ago FDS Super Mario Bros. 2 "Worlds A-D, warps, Mario" 06:26.80 (Was 06:27.36) HappyLee & chatterbox
6 days ago DOS Mario Teaches Typing "maximum score" 25:57.78 c-square
6 days ago PSX Sled Storm "playaround" 18:48.26 somyeol & Gawrit
6 days ago GBA River City Ransom EX 08:48.03 tom_mai78101
7 days ago NES Super Mario Bros. Special: 35th Anniversary Edition 20:03.53 SeraphmIII, gaster319 & slither
9 days ago NES Trials of the Wolf Clan: The Wolf Spirit 02:01.10 (Was 03:14.00) MarioAtWork
10 days ago 32X Knuckles' Chaotix "best ending" 43:25.19 Tuffcracker
10 days ago GBA The Polar Express 34:14.16 (Was 35:36.22) Cadit
10 days ago 32X Knuckles' Chaotix 31:38.28 (Was 35:07.70) Tuffcracker
12 days ago SNES Super Bomberman "2 players" 12:20.93 (Was 12:36.93) LIJI
Super Mario Bros. 2 by HappyLee & chatterbox

Newest Submissions

Date Game Time By Status
5 hours ago NES KUBO 2: L'Aventurier Courageux "all gems" 00:38.75 LogansGamingRoom New
1 day ago GBA Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis 16:46.89 Tuffcracker New
1 day ago NES Nalleland 00:41.55 MarioAtWork New
2 days ago NES Venice Beach Volleyball 02:16.51 ShesChardcore New
2 days ago SNES Mario Paint "Gnat Attack" 02:33.83 DrD2k9 Judging Underway

Newest User Files/WIPs

Uploaded By Filename Title
12 hours ago RaXx Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters - Raphael.bk2 SNES TMNT: Tournament Fighters - Raphael
1 day ago MarioAtWork filnalle.bk2 nalleland floor is lava first draft
1 day ago enderpal7 Buffers Evolution (Japan) Prac 1 1.bk2 Buffers Evolution (WSWAN) First Three Levels
1 day ago Reseren WL4 TAS v3.bk2 wl4 v3
1 day ago Exonym GargII_Training_subp6.bk2 Gargoyle's Quest II less lag
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