WORK IN PROGRESS: PCem + Windows submissions are not allowed yet
This page will give you specific instructions and tips for using Windows in PCem. The entirety of the main guide applies here too.

What you'll need

Using with libTAS

This section will be focusing on setting up a configuration to make tool-assisted speedruns. These guidelines will help you make a TAS that people will be able to sync on other machines. If nobody else can sync your run, then it will probably not get accepted!
Be aware of our Movie Rules for libTAS movies and especially for running PCem in libTAS.

Windows XP installation movie

We cannot distribute a fully configured OS hard drive image like we did with the DOS configurations, so you will need to install Windows XP yourself. We can provide a libTAS movie that you can run and it will automatically install Windows XP onto a hard drive image for you.
Here's how we created them:

flash.bin and NVR

flash.bin is a file that contains the flash memory of the system. Because the ROM gets written into it, we can't distribute it. This file may also contain custom system parameters from previous configs using the chipset.
Similarly, a non-volatile memory file is created in ~/.pcem/nvr/ named after your machine config and motherboard (for example windowsxp.ga686bx.nvr). It is also required for movie sync. It can be distributed, but it's pointless to distribute it, since the installation movie has to be run anyway, and it recreates the NVR file.

libTAS Settings

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