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t we're working on [EmulatorResources/PCem/Windows|making Windows XP TASable through libTAS+PCem] (not approved for s
__ TASing, you can [EmulatorResources/PCem/Windows#WindowsXpInstallationMovie|run our Windows XP installation movie]. * Please read our
ithLibtas|DOS] and [EmulatorResources/PCem/Windows#UsingWithLibtas|Windows]. Only [https://gith
ions for DOS], and [EmulatorResources/PCem/Windows#WindowsXpInstallationMovie|one for Windows]. If the game you
ibTAS|libTAS] (for [EmulatorResources/PCem/Windows|PCem] and unofficial Linu
r exact hashes: * [EmulatorResources/PCem/Windows#WindowsXpInstallationMovie] Note that libTAS
AB Useful links [Emulator Resources / PCem / Windows] [Emulator Resour