libTAS is a software for Linux that provides TAS tools to games, such as frame advance, inputs recording, savestates. It is not a Linux emulator as games are running natively on the user system, but it creates an intermediate layer between the game and the operating system, feeding the game with altered data (such as inputs, system time). We can call such tool an API translation layer. It tries to make the game running deterministically, although it is still an issue when dealing with multithreaded games. This layer connects to an external program to provide a graphical interface to the user, with tools such as input editor or RAM watch/search.


Documentation and Help

Movie submissions

When you submit a libTAS movie to TASVideos, the following rules apply.

Use stable versioned releases

Only use stable releases of games, Linux distributions, dependencies, and libTAS itself. Install everything from versioned packages to prevent issues with dependencies. You are allowed to use any distro you want, however your run must sync on one of the following distros:
Allowed Architectures:

Document sync requirements

We want common and easy configuration steps to simplify the submission and verification process for libTAS movies. You must provide the full installation instructions required for your submission, including your distro and kernel versions, the required dependencies for your game, and any installation steps needed for them.
If any libTAS settings were changed, these changes must be documented as well. This should be written in the movie annotations. Providing links for everything is also highly recommended.


Submissions that use Wine for Windows games are currently not allowed, though it is highly recommended that this workflow be tested, as we are working towards allowing them in the future.


Submissions using PCem for DOS games are allowed: Please see our PCem page for details on how to use it with libTAS.

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