Running a game with libTAS

  1. Launch the game natively to check that it is working. Also, set the game to windowed mode if possible. libTAS tries to enforce a windowed mode, but it can messed up the display for certain games if configured in fullscreen mode.
  2. Look at the game files to see if the file to launch the game is a binary file or (most commonly) a shell script that does a bunch of stuff and runs a binary file. If this is a shell script, you need to look into it for a command that changes the working directory (like cd [path]) and a command that adds a directory to the shared library path (like export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:path), if any.
  3. Start the libTAS tool by opening a terminal and typing libTAS. Fill the Game Executable field with the game binary path. Many games provide multiple binaries for different archs, so fill the one that corresponds to your CPU arch.
  4. If you had a change of working directory or an added shared library directory in step 2, go to menu File > Executable Options, and fill Run path with the new working directory and/or Library path with the added shared library path.
  5. If you want to record inputs, check Movie Recording and specify a movie path.
  6. Press Start.


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