Neko Project 2 is an emulator of the Japanese computer system PC-98. It can be used with either libTAS or Hourglass to make tool-assisted speedruns.


libTAS is fully compatible with Neko Project II kai, specifically the SDL build (NOT the "X with GTK2 and SDL" build).

What you'll need


By default, the config file is stored in ~/.config/sdlnp21kai/ as np21kai.cfg. You need to create this folder, or else NP2kai will not save the config!
If you want to adjust any system settings such as the CPU speed and the memory, run sdlnp21kai natively and middle-click the window to open the built-in GUI (never open this menu in your submission movie). Note any changes from the default settings in your submission notes or in the movie annotations. We may ask for the contents of your np21kai.cfg file if we have trouble syncing your movie.

Using with libTAS

Movie submissions


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