PICO-8 is a virtual machine and game engine created by Lexaloffle Games. It is a fantasy video game console that mimics the limited graphical and sound capabilities of 8-bit systems of the 1980s.
PICO-8 application can run games and it can convert them to a standalone executable, whose Linux version works well in libTAS. Some developers release executable files for each platform, and some games you have to convert yourself.

How to generate the executable file

  1. Open the PICO-8 client
  2. Type FOLDER
  3. Drop the gamename.p8.png file for the game on this folder (replace gamename with what your game is actually called) and close the dialog
  4. Type LOAD gamename.p8.png
  5. Type EXPORT gamename.bin to generate the standalone executables
  6. Launch gamename.bin/linux/gamename from libTAS
Config path, in case you need it, is ~/.lexaloffle/pico-8/config.txt.

Movie submissions

We allow submissions using PICO-8 with libTAS. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your movie is acceptable and can be synced:

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