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Reviewers - A new way to contribute!
posted by Samsara on 5/8/2022 6:50 AM
Have you ever thought "I want to be a Judge, but I don't think I have the qualifications or the time commitment to do it"? The new Reviewer role might be perfect for you! Reviewers make up a trusted panel of experienced community members, working alongside Judges to curate what content makes it onto TASvideos. They are not able to directly process submissions like Judges. Instead, their role is to streamline the overall judging process by providing first pass reviews of workbench submissions. Examples of what Reviewers can do include verifying that input files sync and checking for any obvious mistakes in routing and optimization. They are also given a much bigger voice in discussions over difficult judgements and possible changes to our submission rules. For more information on the role, there's an in-depth writeup on the Judging wiki page. If you'd like to be a Reviewer, please contact Samsara, and then expect to wait for several hours because she's really bad at both sleeping and checking site DMs.
Call for new Staff and Other Contributors
posted by Memory on 4/24/2022 2:11 PM
We are putting out a permanent call for new staff members and other forms of contributors. In particular, we are looking for new judges, publishers, encoders, editors, and developers. One can read the thread or the wiki page for more information.
Flash TASes are now accepted!
posted by Samsara on 4/10/2022 9:05 PM
The recent release of libTAS 1.4.3 significantly improved support for Ruffle, a Flash Player emulator in active development. Since then, several full TASes were made of Flash games using Ruffle running in libTAS with confirmed sync for multiple users, proving that it is a reliable and stable TASing workflow. Because of this, we are now officially supporting and accepting Flash submissions! For those of you interested in creating and submitting Flash TASes, our Resource page for Ruffle contains highly important information that you need to know: https://tasvideos.org/EmulatorResources/Ruffle You can get libTAS 1.4.3 here: https://github.com/clementgallet/libTAS/releases/tag/v1.4.3 Ruffle nightly builds are located here: https://github.com/ruffle-rs/ruffle/releases Also, check out our first Flash submission: #7368: rythin's Flash Meat Boy in 02:51.10
libTAS 1.4.3 Released!
posted by adelikat on 3/29/2022 10:28 PM
libTAS 1.4.3 Released, more info here
Mupen64 is accepted for submissions again!
posted by CasualPokePlayer on 3/18/2022 11:29 PM
Years ago, Mupen64-rr movies were disallowed from submissions, due to unreliable video dumping. Years later, A fork has been made, which among other things, fixed various issues with video dumping, with another fork by us further fixing video dumping issues. With these fixes, Mupen64 movies are now re-accepted for submissions! More info can be found in this thread: https://tasvideos.org/Forum/Topics/23131
Downtime on March 5th 9:00PM UTC
posted by Memory on 3/3/2022 9:35 PM
The site will go down on March 5th at around 9PM UTC due to upgrades. It is expected to be down for no more than an hour.

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