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Page Author Message Time Diff
8901S (r2) TheTASofBlazingmo6 7:32 PM Diff
GameResources/NES/TheFlintstonesTheSurpriseAtDinosaurPeak (r36) Exonym 4:12 PM Diff
8902S (r3) Suru486 8:42 PM Diff
8903S (r3) Induviel 6:04 PM Diff
8903S (r2) Darkman425 5:59 PM Diff
8790S (r13) despoa Claimed for publication 5:33 PM Diff
8900S (r2) SuperSqank 5:31 PM Diff
8903S (r1) Induviel Auto-generated from Submission #8903 5:26 PM Diff
8902S (r1) Suru486 Auto-generated from Submission #8902 4:18 PM Diff
Reviews (r110) feos I reviewed Undertale! 3:46 PM Diff
8901S (r1) TheTASofBlazingmo6 Auto-generated from Submission #8901 2:12 PM Diff
8900S (r1) SuperSqank Auto-generated from Submission #8900 12:26 PM Diff
8874S (r6) eien86 Claimed for judging 11:37 AM Diff
Reviews (r109) CoolHandMike Added entry for Review for The8bitbeast's SMS G-Loc Air Battle in 03:31.52. Removed the review for Xevious since accepted. 9:54 PM Diff
8899S (r4) CasualPokePlayer Claimed for judging 8:48 PM Diff
8899S (r3) scratchtas 3:11 PM Diff
8899S (r2) scratchtas 3:09 PM Diff
8899S (r1) scratchtas Auto-generated from Submission #8899 2:50 PM Diff
8898S (r1) Reseren Auto-generated from Submission #8898 7:18 AM Diff
980M (r6) CloakTheLurker 4:58 AM Diff
8897S (r2) upelly 9:25 PM Diff
5824M (r1) feos Auto-generated from Movie #5824 8:20 PM Diff
8893S (r6) KusogeMan 4:07 PM Diff
5823M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5823 3:41 PM Diff
SubmissionInstructions (r83) Bigbass Added links to the SubmitMovie page in the event users find this page, but don't know where to go to submit. 12:53 PM Diff
HomePages/LogansGamingRoom (r313) LogansGamingRoom FUCK MY LIFE 12:19 PM Diff
8879S (r7) eien86 11:38 AM Diff
8833S (r5) fsvgm777 9:18 AM Diff
5822M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5822 9:04 AM Diff
8897S (r1) upelly Auto-generated from Submission #8897 8:06 AM Diff
8896S (r3) CoolHandMike added some resouces and oddities 3:27 AM Diff
8833S (r4) CasualPokePlayer 1:23 AM Diff
8896S (r1) CoolHandMike Auto-generated from Submission #8896 12:53 AM Diff
EmulatorResources/MAME (r35) feos rely on a more generalized definition of significant glitches 8:14 PM Diff
MovieRules (r88) feos defined significant glitches and used that definition in 3 places 8:10 PM Diff
5819M (r2) CloakTheLurker 8:10 PM Diff
5052M (r3) CloakTheLurker 6:28 PM Diff
8888S (r6) ThunderAxe31 5:34 PM Diff
8882S (r5) ThunderAxe31 5:33 PM Diff
8874S (r5) ThunderAxe31 5:32 PM Diff
8855S (r8) ThunderAxe31 5:32 PM Diff
8884S (r3) SJ 4:56 PM Diff
8802S (r6) feos 3:11 PM Diff
8884S (r2) eien86 Claimed for judging 9:18 AM Diff
8879S (r6) eien86 Claimed for judging 9:18 AM Diff
8820S (r6) fsvgm777 9:15 AM Diff
8820S (r4) fsvgm777 9:14 AM Diff
8820S (r3) eien86 9:14 AM Diff
5821M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5821 8:41 AM Diff
5820M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #5820 9:20 PM Diff
8875S (r5) feos 5:00 PM Diff
8878S (r6) EZGames69 Claimed for publication 4:59 PM Diff
5819M (r1) EZGames69 Auto-generated from Movie #5819 4:51 PM Diff
8811S (r6) Spikestuff branch fix. 1:31 PM Diff
8877S (r6) fsvgm777 12:46 PM Diff
5818M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5818 12:45 PM Diff
8877S (r4) fsvgm777 11:29 AM Diff
5817M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #5817 7:56 AM Diff
GameResources/NES/TheFlintstonesTheSurpriseAtDinosaurPeak (r34) Exonym 5:49 AM Diff
5816M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #5816 10:09 PM Diff
5815M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #5815 6:08 PM Diff
8895S (r1) LogansGamingRoom Auto-generated from Submission #8895 5:58 PM Diff
8818S (r7) feos Claimed for publication 3:15 PM Diff
8863S (r7) despoa Claimed for publication 2:00 PM Diff
8735S (r9) fsvgm777 1:20 PM Diff
5814M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5814 1:19 PM Diff
8735S (r8) fsvgm777 12:14 PM Diff
8825S (r6) fsvgm777 8:37 AM Diff
5813M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5813 8:36 AM Diff
8893S (r5) KusogeMan 1:55 AM Diff
8894S (r5) nymx Claimed for judging 9:32 PM Diff
8878S (r5) nymx 9:31 PM Diff
5812M (r1) feos Auto-generated from Movie #5812 8:24 PM Diff
1M (r17) feos 6:40 PM Diff
8863S (r6) ThunderAxe31 6:21 PM Diff
8863S (r5) CoolHandMike Standard difficulty note 5:47 PM Diff
8894S (r1) LogansGamingRoom Auto-generated from Submission #8894 5:28 PM Diff
8891S (r9) nymx Claimed for judging 3:16 PM Diff
8877S (r3) nymx 3:14 PM Diff
8885S (r7) despoa Claimed for publication 1:09 PM Diff
8865S (r7) despoa Claimed for publication 1:09 PM Diff
8864S (r7) despoa Claimed for publication 1:09 PM Diff
5811M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #5811 1:05 PM Diff
8874S (r4) ThunderAxe31 11:39 PM Diff
8890S (r2) DrD2k9 Claimed for judging 10:32 PM Diff
5810M (r1) EZGames69 Auto-generated from Movie #5810 10:28 PM Diff
8885S (r6) DrD2k9 10:21 PM Diff
8864S (r6) DrD2k9 10:14 PM Diff
8875S (r4) EZGames69 Claimed for publication 10:03 PM Diff
8875S (r3) Darkman425 Changed branch from "memory corruption" to "warp glitch" and accepting 10:00 PM Diff
8888S (r5) ThunderAxe31 Claimed for judging 8:43 PM Diff
8865S (r6) ThunderAxe31 8:38 PM Diff
8442S (r16) RetroEdit Console verified now! 5:03 PM Diff
8893S (r4) KusogeMan 3:58 PM Diff
8790S (r12) feos 3:16 PM Diff
8790S (r11) feos 10:28 AM Diff
8828S (r9) fsvgm777 8:28 AM Diff
5809M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5809 8:23 AM Diff
8885S (r5) DrD2k9 Claimed for judging 4:31 AM Diff
8860S (r9) despoa Claimed for publication 3:07 AM Diff
1 2
836 837

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