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8005S (r4) OtakuTAS 10:08 PM Diff
8005S (r3) OtakuTAS 9:25 PM Diff
8005S (r2) OtakuTAS 9:24 PM Diff
Reviews (r67) EZGames69 9:16 PM Diff
8005S (r1) OtakuTAS Auto-generated from Submission #8005 8:56 PM Diff
8003S (r2) OtakuTAS EDIT: Went back and saved 3 frames (2 in Cecilia's Apartment and 1 in The CageRoom) by utilizing fall damage glitch and new route on Cecilia's Apartment to save time. Would be really impressed if this is beatable now.). 8:37 PM Diff
5063M (r1) EZGames69 Auto-generated from Movie #5063 7:10 PM Diff
8004S (r1) MarioAtWork Auto-generated from Submission #8004 7:03 PM Diff
8003S (r1) OtakuTAS Auto-generated from Submission #8003 6:12 PM Diff
8002S (r1) GobouLePoissonBoue Auto-generated from Submission #8002 6:07 PM Diff
8001S (r1) rythin Auto-generated from Submission #8001 3:13 PM Diff
7864S (r8) despoa author is now a user at TASVideos 12:12 PM Diff
7811S (r14) despoa author is now a user at TASVideos 12:11 PM Diff
7992S (r5) NemoRuby 10:44 AM Diff
7957S (r4) NemoRuby 10:43 AM Diff
7899S (r5) feos 8:31 AM Diff
8000S (r2) juef 10:50 PM Diff
8000S (r1) juef Auto-generated from Submission #8000 10:40 PM Diff
HomePages/TheAmazingYucemu (r29) TheAmazingYucemu I feel like doing it for it's sakeness 10:16 PM Diff
7999S (r1) LogansGamingRoom Auto-generated from Submission #7999 9:16 PM Diff
7891S (r6) EZGames69 5:39 AM Diff
7994S (r5) Samsara clarification update due to an accidental contradiction 11:41 PM Diff
7994S (r4) Samsara 11:16 PM Diff
7998S (r2) Tuffcracker 10:59 PM Diff
MovieRules (r49) Samsara preface language update: "requirements" -> "guidelines", expanded info on rule changes to include clarifications, more information on how the rules operate and further emphasis on asking questions 10:10 PM Diff
7998S (r1) Tuffcracker Auto-generated from Submission #7998 8:43 PM Diff
EmulatorResources/LibTAS (r21) feos Neko Project II 8:39 PM Diff
MovieRules (r48) feos Neko Project II 8:35 PM Diff
7997S (r1) MarioAtWork Auto-generated from Submission #7997 8:09 PM Diff
HomePages/Masterjun (r56) Masterjun Okay <@82993735259918336> thanks for testing 1:52 PM Diff
HomePages/Masterjun (r55) Masterjun I hope this @everyone discord ping doesn't work, if it does, whoops, ignore me 1:50 PM Diff
HomePages/TheAmazingYucemu (r28) TheAmazingYucemu Just for #updates to see yet again: Discord Account Successful Deletion Update 11:19 AM Diff
7875S (r4) Darkman425 Cancelling, read bottom of submission for reason. 3:20 AM Diff
SiteRules (r47) Samsara permanently -> indefinitely, updated some language to reflect current standards and abilities. i'd like to expand the disruptive behavior line but not quite sure how yet, mods feel free to expand it 8:07 PM Diff
Glossary (r78) Samsara code section clarification. partially a bit, partially actual future-proofing 5:54 PM Diff
7996S (r1) ShesChardcore Auto-generated from Submission #7996 4:55 PM Diff
7933S (r4) EZGames69 2:35 PM Diff
7995S (r3) DrD2k9 Added Epilepsy Warning 4:54 AM Diff
7995S (r2) Samsara 4:51 AM Diff
7995S (r1) DrD2k9 Auto-generated from Submission #7995 4:49 AM Diff
HomePages/LaddyPlays (r1) LaddyPlays 9:14 PM Diff
7933S (r3) EZGames69 Gassy Balls 8:43 PM Diff
Reviews (r66) Darkman425 Metroid Scrolls 6 review'd 6:26 PM Diff
5062M (r1) EZGames69 Auto-generated from Movie #5062 5:09 PM Diff
MovieRules (r47) Samsara further clarification i guess 3:21 PM Diff
MovieRules (r46) Samsara fine, it's in the rules now 9:48 AM Diff
HomePages/ikuyo (r15) ikuyo 1:24 AM Diff
Reviews (r65) ikuyo hey I finally did the thing 12:56 AM Diff
HomePages/SFan (r1) SFan 11:17 PM Diff
7994S (r3) Samsara Claimed for judging 9:02 PM Diff
7994S (r2) HappyLee 8:16 PM Diff
7994S (r1) HappyLee Auto-generated from Submission #7994 8:11 PM Diff
7993S (r1) ShesChardcore Auto-generated from Submission #7993 6:05 PM Diff
7992S (r4) NemoRuby 9:54 AM Diff
7956S (r23) arkiandruski Claimed for judging 6:47 AM Diff
7945S (r10) arkiandruski Claimed for judging 6:47 AM Diff
7934S (r2) arkiandruski Claimed for judging 6:46 AM Diff
7992S (r3) NemoRuby 5:50 AM Diff
7992S (r2) NemoRuby 4:09 AM Diff
7992S (r1) NemoRuby Auto-generated from Submission #7992 4:09 AM Diff
7988S (r3) DarkShamilKhan 11:26 PM Diff
HomePages/Automanager (r1) Automanager 10:50 PM Diff
7991S (r3) enderpal7 10:14 PM Diff
HomePages/TheAmazingYucemu (r21) TheAmazingYucemu Rolling back Revision 20 "Rolling back Revision 19 "It seems feos ignored my username update request on their forum PM so adding Super Mario Odyssey incase the username update still fails."" 8:03 PM Diff
HomePages/TheAmazingYucemu (r20) TheAmazingYucemu Rolling back Revision 19 "It seems feos ignored my username update request on their forum PM so adding Super Mario Odyssey incase the username update still fails." 8:02 PM Diff
7989S (r5) LogansGamingRoom 7:06 PM Diff
7991S (r2) enderpal7 6:55 PM Diff
7891S (r5) EZGames69 Claimed for publication 6:53 PM Diff
7891S (r4) ThunderAxe31 6:43 PM Diff
7991S (r1) enderpal7 Auto-generated from Submission #7991 6:27 PM Diff
7989S (r4) LogansGamingRoom 5:12 PM Diff
7989S (r3) LogansGamingRoom 2:16 PM Diff
7990S (r1) Cetlan Auto-generated from Submission #7990 7:24 AM Diff
7923S (r7) EZGames69 Claimed for publication 7:44 PM Diff
7923S (r6) feos 7:43 PM Diff
5061M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #5061 7:37 PM Diff
HomePages/fsvgm777/JoueurDuGrenier (r36) fsvgm777 New epsiode is out, adding NES Bible Adventures to the list (and updated obsoleted movies to current movies). 6:47 PM Diff
7985S (r6) LogansGamingRoom 6:35 PM Diff
7925S (r17) LogansGamingRoom 5:47 PM Diff
7925S (r16) LogansGamingRoom 5:34 PM Diff
7989S (r2) LogansGamingRoom 4:23 PM Diff
7989S (r1) LogansGamingRoom Auto-generated from Submission #7989 4:23 PM Diff
7923S (r5) feos 3:46 PM Diff
7923S (r4) feos Claimed for judging 3:41 PM Diff
7985S (r5) LogansGamingRoom 3:03 PM Diff
7988S (r2) ParadaxeTH 2:32 PM Diff
7985S (r4) LogansGamingRoom 2:16 PM Diff
5060M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #5060 2:10 PM Diff
7988S (r1) ParadaxeTH Auto-generated from Submission #7988 1:24 PM Diff
7910S (r11) feos 1:19 PM Diff
7910S (r10) feos 12:56 PM Diff
2581M (r5) CloakTheLurker 11:51 AM Diff
MovieRules (r45) feos If some files have to be added to the game to make it TASable, there should be a free legal way to get or create those files, or there should be a different game they could be taken from (that game does not have to be free). 10:56 AM Diff
5893S (r29) despoa Claimed for publication 10:28 AM Diff
7987S (r2) MarioAtWork 10:22 AM Diff
5893S (r28) feos 10:22 AM Diff
5893S (r27) feos 10:21 AM Diff
5893S (r26) feos 10:21 AM Diff
7987S (r1) MarioAtWork Auto-generated from Submission #7987 9:30 AM Diff
7985S (r3) LogansGamingRoom 9:08 AM Diff

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