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7722S (r2) MarioAtWork (Minor edit) 8:16 PM Diff
7724S (r2) yep2yel Spelling (Minor edit) 4:45 PM Diff
7724S (r1) yep2yel Auto-generated from Submission #7724 2:40 PM Diff
7715S (r6) ShesChardcore Alyosha declined to be coauthor (Minor edit) 2:21 PM Diff
7670S (r6) Spikestuff (Minor edit) 11:39 AM Diff
7668S (r6) Spikestuff (Minor edit) 11:39 AM Diff
7715S (r5) ShesChardcore 9:34 AM Diff
7666S (r9) despoa Claimed for publication 1:08 AM Diff
6929S (r9) Scumtron (Minor edit) 11:17 PM Diff
7103S (r10) Scumtron (Minor edit) 11:16 PM Diff
7721S (r6) Scumtron 11:13 PM Diff
4853M (r2) CloakTheLurker (Minor edit) 10:50 PM Diff
4840M (r2) Alyosha Add Console Verification flag (Minor edit) 10:24 PM Diff
7693S (r3) slamo Claimed for judging 4:46 PM Diff
7692S (r2) slamo Claimed for judging 4:45 PM Diff
7666S (r8) slamo 4:45 PM Diff
7723S (r2) AleMastroianni (Minor edit) 2:25 PM Diff
7723S (r1) AleMastroianni Auto-generated from Submission #7723 1:46 PM Diff
4853M (r1) Spikestuff Auto-generated from Movie #4853 1:03 PM Diff
7721S (r5) eien86 Taking this out, as it perhaps belongs to another discussion (Minor edit) 4:17 AM Diff
6M (r5) CloakTheLurker removed outdated info 2:05 AM Diff
306M (r11) CloakTheLurker 2:00 AM Diff
588M (r5) CloakTheLurker changed Emulator Version taken from movie file, user links 1:51 AM Diff
741M (r4) CloakTheLurker changed Emulator Version, taken from movie file 1:47 AM Diff
7685S (r33) BruceShankle Added link to turkenheimer's video regarding first cycle skip without ACE 1:45 AM Diff
1242M (r6) CloakTheLurker changed Emulator Version, user links 1:41 AM Diff
1346M (r4) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version from movie file 1:38 AM Diff
1649M (r8) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version from movie file 1:35 AM Diff
7721S (r4) GoddessMaria Claimed for judging 10:03 PM Diff
7682S (r7) slamo 9:44 PM Diff
4601M (r3) CloakTheLurker (Minor edit) 9:26 PM Diff
HomePages/CloakTheLurker (r16) CloakTheLurker 9:04 PM Diff
7682S (r6) JAG Specific Graphics options for syncing 8:03 PM Diff
21M (r3) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version from movie file 7:44 PM Diff
461M (r4) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version from movie file 7:36 PM Diff
1837M (r6) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version from movie file 7:29 PM Diff
7682S (r5) JAG Added setup & sync instructions to the beginning of the submission 6:53 PM Diff
7721S (r3) ThunderAxe31 game name (Minor edit) 6:19 PM Diff
7722S (r1) MarioAtWork Auto-generated from Submission #7722 5:54 PM Diff
7721S (r2) eien86 paragraphing (Minor edit) 5:28 PM Diff
7721S (r1) eien86 Auto-generated from Submission #7721 5:23 PM Diff
7666S (r7) slamo 4:28 PM Diff
7720S (r3) eien86 added quote (Minor edit) 4:28 PM Diff
7715S (r4) ShesChardcore (Minor edit) 4:08 PM Diff
7666S (r6) ShesChardcore Replacing encode and clarifying shootoffs (Minor edit) 4:04 PM Diff
7720S (r2) eien86 re-record count (Minor edit) 4:02 PM Diff
7715S (r3) GoddessMaria Claimed for judging 4:01 PM Diff
7720S (r1) eien86 Auto-generated from Submission #7720 4:00 PM Diff
7695S (r5) GoddessMaria Claimed for judging 3:57 PM Diff
7719S (r2) nymx (Minor edit) 2:32 PM Diff
7719S (r1) nymx Auto-generated from Submission #7719 1:02 PM Diff
4852M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #4852 11:51 AM Diff
7685S (r32) BruceShankle 4:00 AM Diff
7685S (r31) BruceShankle removed message to tasvideos staff about updating the movie file in the submission, as it has been properly updated now. Thank you too! (Minor edit) 3:58 AM Diff
Reviews (r35) slamo Cleaning up some published runs 3:50 AM Diff
Reviews (r34) nymx 3:43 AM Diff
7682S (r4) slamo Claimed for judging 2:19 AM Diff
7666S (r5) slamo 1:08 AM Diff
743M (r4) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version 12:15 AM Diff
1422M (r4) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version 12:15 AM Diff
589M (r3) CloakTheLurker added Emulator Version from movie file 11:51 PM Diff
7691S (r7) EZGames69 Claimed for publication 11:29 PM Diff
7691S (r6) Memory 11:29 PM Diff
7691S (r5) Memory 11:27 PM Diff
PublisherGuidelines (r191) CloakTheLurker updated links 11:21 PM Diff
721M (r3) CloakTheLurker changed Emulator Version, added movie link 11:05 PM Diff
2420M (r4) CloakTheLurker 11:02 PM Diff
7664S (r14) despoa Claimed for publication 10:54 PM Diff
4851M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #4851 10:53 PM Diff
7691S (r4) Memory Claimed for judging 8:45 PM Diff
7688S (r6) feos 7:58 PM Diff
7688S (r5) feos 7:56 PM Diff
HomePages/Denial140 (r2) Denial140 Added description of the creation of 3rd Darkman TAS (Minor edit) 7:29 PM Diff
7664S (r13) Memory 7:20 PM Diff
7670S (r5) slamo 6:39 PM Diff
7670S (r4) slamo 6:31 PM Diff
4850M (r3) EZGames69 6:29 PM Diff
4850M (r2) EZGames69 6:28 PM Diff
7715S (r2) ShesChardcore (Minor edit) 6:13 PM Diff
7668S (r5) slamo 5:18 PM Diff
7717S (r10) p0008874 (Minor edit) 2:49 PM Diff
7717S (r9) p0008874 2:48 PM Diff
7717S (r8) p0008874 (Minor edit) 2:48 PM Diff
7685S (r30) BruceShankle added link to commentated version (Minor edit) 2:10 PM Diff
7664S (r12) Memory 1:49 PM Diff
4850M (r1) EZGames69 Auto-generated from Movie #4850 1:48 PM Diff
5449S (r20) scrimpeh (Minor edit) 10:16 AM Diff
4849M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #4849 5:30 AM Diff
7658S (r7) EZGames69 4:44 AM Diff
7569S (r6) Samsara 1:32 AM Diff
4848M (r1) despoa Auto-generated from Movie #4848 11:56 PM Diff
7676S (r5) despoa Claimed for publication 9:57 PM Diff
7676S (r4) Memory 9:48 PM Diff
4847M (r2) fsvgm777 (Minor edit) 9:13 PM Diff
7689S (r43) feos Claimed for judging 8:08 PM Diff
7688S (r4) feos Claimed for judging 8:04 PM Diff
4847M (r1) fsvgm777 Auto-generated from Movie #4847 7:54 PM Diff
7687S (r5) ikuyo 7:48 PM Diff
7687S (r4) feos Sync info 7:19 PM Diff
7718S (r2) adelikat (Minor edit) 7:08 PM Diff

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