Judging is the part of the publication process where the submission is looked at and it is evaluated whether or not it follows the MovieRules, what Class the movie falls under, and whether it meets the qualifications for that class. This process is performed by Reviewers, Judges, Senior Judges, and sometimes Admins.
In the reviewing process, a Reviewer performs basic research on a submission. They verify that it syncs in the emulator, check for optimization, and provide feedback on their findings in the submission thread. Any number of Reviewers can review a submission. A Judge will look over and use these reviews in their own judgement. It is not necessary for a submission to be reviewed before it is judged, however reviews help simplify and streamline the process, allowing submissions to be processed both faster and more thoroughly.
In the judging process, a Judge first claims the submission for judgment to avoid having other judges look at the same movie redundantly. They then do any necessary research, including but not limited to watching the movie, potentially testing the game themselves, and asking for feedback. If improvements pop up, it must be decided whether or not it should either be resubmitted or whether it is acceptable to replace the submission file with the improvement. Once any necessary research is performed and the conversation and improvements have settled down, the judge makes a decision, with a judgment note describing the reasoning behind the decision.
If you are interested in becoming a Judge or a Reviewer, contact a Senior Judge:
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Reviewers make up a trusted panel of experienced members that analyze and provide feedback on submissions when necessary. They operate similarly to Judges, and are expected to have similar qualifications in turn. While they are not directly able to process submissions, they are able to review them on behalf of Judges, and Judges can subsequently sign off on those reviews as official judgements. Reviewers are also first in line to become Judges: The role is used to train and advise potential Judge candidates as a way of getting them adjusted to the position at their own pace.
When reviewing submissions, Reviewers are expected to follow the Judgeguidelines.



Judges are members of the site experienced with the process of creating tool-assisted speedruns that have been entrusted with the responsibility of approving or rejecting movies that have been submitted. Judges are the people who decide which movie content ends up being present on the site.
Judges follow the JudgeGuidelines.


Judges need:

Senior Judges

The Senior Judge(s) are extremely experienced and involved judges that act as leads. They are expected to be the community leads on submission processing and the rules behind them.
The Senior Judge(s) take on additional roles alongside judging:
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