Submission #1025: Diman's NES Popeye in 03:31.32

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 12679
ROM Filename Popeye.nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 3122
Unknown Authors Diman
Game Popeye
Submitted by Diman on 3/20/2006 4:22:57 PM

Submission Comments
  • FCE Ultra 0.98.12
  • Manipulate luck
  • Teasing Bluto! In other words, I'm playing with death
  • Abuses programming errors in the game. When I'm standing on the "air"
  • Fast as possible
  • Smashing skulls and bottles for fun
  • Playing on the hardest level
Hi! I remember when i submitted a run on this game before. A long time ago when me and my friend "KameZa" had a common username. Didn't go so well back at that time....Anyway! I have improved the old record with 6 seconds. I'ts funnier to watch, (I think you'll agree) when you see this. I'm not taking any spinach (and I hope you'll forgive me for that) cause it did take too long when you'll eat that is my opinion. Anyway I'm killing the birds at least at level 3! Hope you think thats enough! Enough with empty words from me. Have fun!

Bisqwit: For reference, the previous submission is here.

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