Submission #1113: totoro's NES Super Dodge Ball in 10:35.33

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEU 0.98.12
Super Dodge Ball (U).nes
Submitted by totoro on 6/30/2006 9:01:23 PM
Submission Comments
  • fceu-0.98.15-rerecording
  • Default normal settings
Aiming for the fastest time without taking a single damage. The game setting is on difficult.
I have included also the ending in the game. I try to use various highly difficult techniques in the game for entertainment as I do the speed-run. The hardest part is to take control because the enemy's movement can be quite random. setting up a plan to kill them is very difficult. I really enjoy watching it myself.
I hate Swami. Period.
Last Edited by totoro on 7/2/2006 2:41 AM
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