Submission #111: Dan_'s Genesis Mega Man: The Wily Wars in 20:12.18

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version Europe Frame Count 72731
ROM Filename Mega_Man_-_The_Wily_Wars_(E).bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 2597
Unknown Authors Dan_
Game Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Submitted by Dan_ on 7/19/2004 9:45:41 AM

Submission Comments
Here is my time attack for the remake of Mega Man 1 included in Mega Man: The Wily Wars for Genesis. I take damage to greatly reduce the time needed to complete the game. Few glitches are used in this movie, because there are few glitches in this version of the game.
I guess this could be for all the people yelling for a movie without the infamous "pause trick" and other glitches like that.

Bisqwit: The actual time is 24:14 - the submission handling program does not know the movie is PAL (50 fps), but assumes it's NTSC (60 fps).

Dan_: I'm improving it a bit more, so it's cancelled it for now.

Bisqwit: My comments.
  • At the start of the Gutsman level, you shot and jumped upwards without horizontal motion. Wastes time.
  • Stylewise, the carrier jumping phase in Gutsman level was only moderate.
  • The fight with Gutsman was long. You didn't have to be so close to him. I also wondered what you were trying to accomplish with the usage of pause.
  • Elecman level began very well.
  • Are you sure the rightside route in Elecman level is better than the leftside route? I found it slower in my movie.
  • Sloppiness in ladder grabbing.
  • You sure you can't use magnet beams for your advantage in climbing?
  • Time wasted in Elecman fight. You're not very good. Elecman is easy. See
  • In the Cutman level, you did something funny with ladders. I'm impressed. This wasn't possible in the NES version. Also it seems like this Genesis game has the conveyer belt effect also to the left. NES has only to the right, unless there is really air to the left.
  • Cutman was beaten very cleverly. I'm impressed - this will help my movie as well!
  • The beginning of the Cutman level could use some Guts. See Morimoto's movie for example.
  • Iceman level, when you go down, you could have taken a little shortcut.
  • Fireman level could benefit from horizontal early ladder grabbing.
  • At the end of the bottommost place of the Fireman level, you waited for a moment. You could use some randomness abuse (or something) to make the three fireballs fall a nicer path.
  • Fireman battle completed quite nicely.
  • More impressive ladder tricks in Bombman level.
  • Lag in Bombman level (movie position 13:42). Don't be satisfied with anything you have to wait!
  • You seem to wait for a moment at the top of each ladder you climb up. Jump as soon as you reach the top to keep from introducing this delay.
  • Not bad with Cutman refight, but not perfect. Same with Elecman. Minimize the following: 1. The time the enemy is vulnerable; 2. the distance you have to move after the enemy is defeated; 3. lag in the battle (I didn't see lag, but I'm just warning). Maximize the following: 1. the speed you'll fall when the floor lets you pass.
  • You sure Electricity causes less lag than Fire when fighting against Clone robot? Both are just as powerful there. Try minimizing lag.
  • Wily3 boss fight was impressive just as you said.
  • At least in the Ice Man battle, you should have jumped a little later to grab the dropping item sooner (higher).
  • Menu navigation was slow. I could see you shuffling the items in the menu - this isn't good.
You should try optimizing your vertical motion.
When you're going to drop, you should first jump so you fall faster. Also, if you make a magnetbeam and fall from it, you'll immediately fall fast without an acceleration delay. Morimoto used this in the Ice Man level (in an unpublished movie). It saves a couple of frames.
Conclusion: This will be a great movie, but I will be picky when judging. :)
Is this the same game as Rockman Megaworld? It would seem so.

Dan_:Rockman Megaworld is the Japanese version.
Thanks for the critique. I will keep all these points in mind while doing version 2, which should (hopefully) begin soon.

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