Submission #1151: TheSwordUser's NES Rad Racer 2 in 22:06.43

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 79586
ROM Filename Rad Racer 2 (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 265
Unknown Authors TheSwordUser
Game Rad Racer II
Submitted by TheSwordUser on 8/12/2006 12:05:03 PM

Submission Comments
This movie was recorded on FCEU 0.98.13
  • no warps or passwords used
  • no programming errors used
  • aiming for fastest possible time
  • total frames: 79586
Rad Racer 2 is a sequel of racing game Rad Racer made by Squere (it also made the top games like Final Fantasy series, Chrono trigger). Rad racer 2 have some change in gameplay. It have Power bar (charge it up to max, and start at maximum speed), and split time clock (sry, i am not good at english yet, i couldn't get the word). And about the's actually better but less in number (in Rad racer there were 3, in Rad racer 2 only 2). That's all (sry..i am not good at writing reviews :P)
Anyway, about my shows complete (and probably perfect) walkthrough for all couses (8) and finish them as fast as possible.
I tried to go at fastest times, avoiding collisions with other cars as much as possible (for exeption of some bumping to be saved on sharp corners). Also, sometimes i had problems with overtaking.....for example i was on side of the road, and in front of me there was opponent car. The only way to overtake him was going almost pixel to pixel between him, and offroad (barely avoided crash).
Anyway, here are the times for each LAP (or rather checkpoints) and courses:
CourseLAP 1LAP 2LAP 3
That's all.
Oh, and one more thing. 1. Sorry for my english grammar mistakes (still getting handle of this language). 2. This is my actually first in my whole life TAS. So probably it will be rejected...well, a least i tried :P. Enjoy this crazy racing movie. Thank you for reading.

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