Submission #1155: TheSwordUser's NES Contra in 11:34.05

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 41643
ROM Filename Contra (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5
Unknown Authors TheSwordUser
Game Contra
Submitted by TheSwordUser on 8/14/2006 6:08:53 PM

Submission Comments
At the beggining, i apolagise about re-recount number. I explai why is so low (feel free to skip this paragraph). When i started making movie for first time, everything was fine....but then, somewhere at half of a game, emulator....freezed....(don't know why..).I stopped recording.....i had 546 Undo count. Second attempt. Started making movie, loaded state....everythings go fine to the end of the game...but...i made cut in wrong moment. I made a "pacifist" run and at the very end, when i tried to deal finishing hit to the of his "mutants" go in a way of fire...and i killed it...i had 521 undo count....good that i made an savestate at that moment..only 5 undos counted. So i've got a total of 1075 undo count.
Anyway, about run. (*recorded on FCEU 0.98.13) My goal was to complete the game as fast as i can without killing anything that i don't need to kill (except bosses, mini-bosses and these walls on stage 7) and.... WITHOUT ANY POWER-UP (R power-up counted too). And that's why this run took over 3600 Frames (1 minute) more than krieg747 "pacifist run" (i tried to compare with this run).
Now...about each stages:
Stage 1 & 2- both went fine.
Stage 3.....problems starting from here....somewhere at the end (of waterfall). I needed to avoid bullets and soldier (kreig747 had bulletproof on)...i tried about 50 times to avoid these FAST but no resulted that i was too late on this "stone platform" and i lose some time......
Stage 4- somewhere in the middle of stage (when 2 "cores" was behind that "glass shield") took me some time to destroy them....i tried many times to made it effect. Second problem...BOSS. Krieg747 had an advantage cause it had some "Rapid" powerups with him.....for me, again, took some more time.
Stage 5- starting to be annoying.....these guys with cannon and bombs...sometimes i needed to slowdown if i wanted to survive. Mini-bosses (these mobiles with spikes on bumper), again, took me too much time to destroy them (couldn't improve it).
Stage 6- STUPID FLAMES!! Darn....they slowed me down in the middle on the stage (where platworms were).
Stage 7- Probably in this stage, there were the most re-records. The most annoying thing that was there, were these CANNON GUYS ><'. At the end, avoining them was "uber" hard.....i don't know how much undo counts i had at that moment.....but it was A LOT.
Last stage(8)- this stage wasn't that hard....except for that eer...."long" alien (somewhere at the beggining). Took some tries to beat him up....The heart wasn't hard too, but sometimes i needed to make an undo because i killed one of these "mutants" by an accident.....
Last words: I won't be mad if you reject it >>. I "probably" made some mistakes and the time is probably not too good (easy to bet i think). That's all. Thank you for reading. Enjoy this movie

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