Submission #1172: dezbeast's GB Mega Man II in 17:49.45

Console Game Boy Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 64167
ROM Filename Mega Man II (U) [!].gb Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 24445
Unknown Authors dezbeast
Game Mega Man II
Submitted by dezbeast on 8/31/2006 1:42:01 AM

Submission Comments
  • VBA-rerecording-19
  • uses no passwords
  • takes damage to save time
  • aims for fastest time
Mega Man II (aka. Rockman World 2) is the second of the Game Boy Mega Man series. Their are 8 Robot Masters in this game. The first 4 are from the NES Mega Man 2. The next 4 are from Mega Man 3 for NES.
First, for the following tips, credit should go to 'Bag of Magic Food'.
  1. utilizing the slide at the very last frame before taking damage to get rid of the damage animation
  2. starting with Metal Man or Air Man first (I decided to start with Metal Man)
  3. pressing left or right when starting a slide
  4. sliding on platforms (there's no way to slide continuously on one, you have to slide every 3 frames and add 2 horizontal movements in favored direction in between each slide)
And credit should go to "Hero of the Day", since I got the idea of starting with Magnet Man first in the second part of the game, from one of the links he posted on the forum showing the route he was going to use before he gave up on this game.
Now for the levels in the order that I played them.
Metal Man
This level is full of conveyor belts like the NES version. When the direction of the belts is against you, it's faster to jump then it is to slide except when making smaller jumps, then it's the same. I decided to always jump because there is a way to time them precisely. That's not the case with the slide, which lasts for 31 frames and can't be stopped in between. This level also has those dreadful spikes I had to slide through taking heavy damage to save time. I lucked out however and got a big energy pellet right when I needed it. I in no way manipulated this. Metal Man's battle is a little repetitive, but it's as fast as I could get with the buster.
Wood Man
This level was fairly easy. It's basically just a bunch of sliding and using the Metal Blade effectively. At the water part, when executed perfectly, it's much faster to go on top instead of just using the Rush Marine. Plus you have to waste over 100 frames going into the menu twice. Thank's goes to my brother for me being able to optimize the Wood Man battle. He gave me the idea of hitting him inside his shield. You have to go one pixel away from him for it to work. And you have to shoot in between the leaves.
Air Man
This level was one of the easiest for me to do. Thanks in large part to 'Bag of Magic Foods' movie in which he completed Air Man first. Bag demonstrated a way to slide through all the devil horns without getting the damage animation. I basically used the same tricks he did but with the leaf shield as an added bonus. It takes me just 2 shots to dispose of Air Man because the first shot damages him twice.
Clash Man
This level is all about using Rush Jet to save bundles of time. Nothing else I have to say about the level that can't be explained in the movie, however the Clash Man battle was a little tricky, because I had to wait a while between each shot with the Air Shooter since I can't shoot until the other shot leaves the screen, so I had to constantly test what frame I can shoot again. You'll also notice that I tried to jump before each shot. This was nessesary so that the shots could leave the screen sooner.
Magnet Man
In this level I had to choose where to take damage and where not to in order to make it to the end of the level in one piece. Ideally I would've liked to slide through all the enemies possible and manipulate a big energy pellet shooting one of the eyeballs with the rotating legs. But I tried and tried and couldn't do it. So I did the next best thing and went into the menu screen prematurely. I waste over 50 frames by doing that, but I gain 15 frames by shooting a couple of the flyiing magnets at the beginning of the level. Plus I need it to get rid of one of the huge spring enemies to conserve my energy. The Magnet Man battle was fairly easy to optimize, since I could shoot the Metal Blade diagonally. It may even be faster than using Needle Cannon since Magnet Man jumps to the top of the screen and stays there until after he shoots out his magnets.
Hard Man
This level was by far the easiest to do, since it's pretty straightforward. I'll let my movie explain the rest.
Top Man
Another easy level. Metal Blade proves very useful here. The Top Man battle was also very easy, because all I had to do was just keep shooting. It's as if he doesn't TRY to dodge anything.
Needle Man
This level was tricky, but I think it's pretty optimized. I was getting worried about how I was going take damage from all the needle spikes. But I managed to make it without wasting much time. It only required me to shoot all the enemies I needed to in order to conserve enough energy to make through all the spikes. For Needle Man I had to manipulate where throws his needles, and after that, he gets owned.
I noticed that the programmers didn't bother changing the hit zone for Quint before he goes on his device. Any casual player would think that he's invincible before he goes on, but he's not. You have to hit him where you'd normally hit him while he's on his device.
This level was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. It actually took me more time to work on the Wily battle than the level itself. Quint's device is totally useless if you want to defeat Wily as fast as possible. The regular buster is faster.
Well that's all I have to say about my run. Enjoy.

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