Submission #1422: Xipo's NES Blue Shadow in 09:40.88

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version Europe Frame Count 29044
ROM Filename Blue Shadow (E).nes Frame Rate 50
Branch Rerecord Count 19877
Unknown Authors Xipo
Game Shadow of the Ninja
Submitted by Xipo on 1/17/2007 1:18:22 AM

Submission Comments
blue shadow 9:41. It isn't only my idea.I just have improved Shinryuu's movie.So I must thank Shinryuu firstly. I find we can improve movie in stage 1、2、4、5.And I think my movie can still be improved 10 seconds at least. I use two tools to make this movie.One is FCEU,the other is tas-movie-editor. I'm new comer.I come from China.So there ara some differents in culture and language.If I have said wrong or done wrong,please forgive me. I love tasvideos.

Truncated: For anyone with problems playing this movie, make sure that
  • The ROM filename does not end in (E). If it does, rename it.
  • PAL emulation is off.

Truncated: This movie is accepted, and it will obsolete our current Blue Shadow run.
This movie erroneously runs a PAL game in NTSC mode. Several movies of this game has done this before. For the publisher, remember to modify the time in the subtitles and the publication page. The correct time should be 11:38.26, but please double-check this before publishing.

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