Submission #1471: KRocketneo's NES Gradius 2 in 22:21.15

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version JPN Frame Count 80469
ROM Filename Gradius II (J).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 409
Unknown Authors KRocketneo
Game Gradius II
Submitted by KRocketneo on 3/5/2007 4:22:39 PM

Submission Comments
This is my First Submission!
Gradius 2 is the third series of Gradius. It introduces the plane of Viper that will fight your way to save the world. There are four Types of weapon that you're gonna choose. Hopely, your goal is to fight your way in space by going into the cell and defeat the brain. This run is 22 seconds faster than my previous run that is not published movie and Ouzo's run by 98 seconds without rerecords in Speedrun competition in Gradius II Survival Thread.
My speed run that's not published movies:
Ouzo's speed run without rerecords:
  • FCEU 0.98.16
  • Aim for Fastest Time
  • Manipulate Luck
  • No Death
  • Genere: Shooter


I used Type2 Weapon that will defeat most of the boss quickly.

Level Breakdown

Level 1
  • I killed some enemies that gives you power-up
  • Killing the Dragons will give you pod.
  • I made the nice improvement of the boss.
  • I killed the boss before they attack you.
Level 2
  • I playaround the enemies and killing them few if not needed.
  • I shooting the veil to make the path.
  • I killed few enemies in the cave and playaround.
  • I avoided the big blue arms instead of shooting the big blue arms.
  • I killed the Eye boss in One Round.
  • I killed the Skull boss quickly and then it rammed on the left screen completely.
Level 3
  • This is the remake of Gradius first level.
  • I took few hits while playaround the enemy's bullet in Volcano section.
  • In Ice section, each time you shoot the ice cube or you see too many ice cube, it causes the slowdown.
  • I made the improvement by dodging most of the ice cube and shooting down the few.
  • I killed the Ice Ice boss before the arm closes that you have to wait for few seconds before the arm opens.
Level 4
  • I playaround the ring that come out of the mouth from Easter Islands Head on some section.
  • I killed some Easter Island's Head.
  • I killed the Jumping Easter Head's a little faster than my Gradius 2 Speed Run without published movie.
  • I killed the Easter Head boss in one round before it closes the mouth.
Level 5
  • In power-up phrase, I playaround the enemy and not killing it.
  • I killed the Big Space Ship from Gradius 1 boss and making it ram when the core appeared.
  • I maded the small improvement in Big Space Ship Boss.
  • I maded no improvement on the brain boss and killed them in one round before closing the eyes.
  • I killed the Ship with Tentacle arms boss before the arm will start to close and got the improvement.
  • I killed the Giant Embryo boss a little slow because my position is over the eye.
  • I made some improvement than my previous run that's not published in Armored Ship and positioned it perfectly.
Level 6
  • I playaround the enemy in enemy base and killing some enemies.
  • I did the entertaining in speed zone and destroyed one big ball at the start of the speed zone.
  • I navigating through the tunnel and do entertaining through the speedy tunnel and not destroying big ball in the tunnel.
  • I made my improvement of the Gun Wall by positioning the line perfectly than my previous run that's not published movie.
  • I killed the mechanical spider without guiding through the leg that's done in previous run that's not published movie.
Level 7
  • So if you die in this level, you'll restart at the beginning of the level.
  • I did the entertaining of going through the walls that block's your path.
  • I made the improvement of the final boss by positioning into the eyes perfectly.
Enjoy this run!
Krocketneo: I'm cancelling this run, because I'll make better movie.

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