Submission #1550: Deign's N64 Wetrix 64 in 00:52.37

Console Nintendo 64 Emulator mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8
Game Version USA Frame Count 3142
ROM Filename wetrix.n64 Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 738
Unknown Authors Deign
Game Wetrix
Submitted by Deign on 5/9/2007 9:59:31 PM

Submission Comments
After watching Comicalflop's Wetrix submission of one of my old favorite games for the PC. I decided to take a random shot at making a movie. I hadn't expected to beat Comicalflop's score by so much. Final score was 702,356 compared to 67,401. This large difference in score is due to the strategy used to obtain multiple rainbows. Rainbows multiply your score by 10 in addition to how many ducks. 3 ducks + a rainbow = score multiplied by 80 (2x2x2x10). Also, this score is partly by accident and poor playing. Allowing the first ice cube to hit was poor playing, but it allowed the mines that later dropped to be completely out of the way and allowing for a 3rd duck to be in play for both the rainbows.
Thank you Comicalflop for first submitting the original Wetrix submission and helping me to not make a fool of myself.

Last Edited by Deign on 5/14/2007 5:10:36 AM
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