Submission #1698: Chamale's GB Serpent in 00:06.55

Game Boy
Serpent (U).gb
Submitted by Chamale on 9/15/2007 3:17:44 PM
Submission Comments
The premise of Serpent is that you try to "Box in" your opponent, thus killing them. Often, games can last several minutes due to the limited length of snakes, but the length of this run is 7 seconds. This TAS is more for the sake of beating a game quickly, than beating a specific game quickly.
This run: Plays at highest difficulty level
Is a concept demo
This run was made in around 1 hour. Many of the rerecords were taken manipulating the opponent to box itself in. Due to the superior AI at the hardest difficulty, it is not possible to have the enemy snake/ship go in a straight line towards the player. Also, the opponent (but not the player) can reverse direction to save itself, so it is necessary to cover both ends. Then my snake crashes into a wall to freeze his tail (and to allow for earlier input end time). Notably, I've found 3 different paths that end in 393 frames as well, so this is presumably the fastest time possible.
Let me explain a bit about the matches that take place after the movie: Serpent is a meant to be a futuristic sport game, one with a very near end point. You can think of the series as being like a "World Series" or something. I only play one game, as opposed to the entire series. If it would be considered more publishable to make a run which completes 7 battles, I'll submit that, but personally I believe 1 battle is better.

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Here goes! Feel free to clean up the list.

Truncated: This run is rejected due to poor votes from the audience.
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