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This movie completes the B-mode of Tetris at level 19-5. Its goal is to clear all blocks from the screen upon the final line cleared (known as a "Bravo" in some games). And of course it aims to do this as fast as possible.
This run is 00:01.90 seconds faster than its predecessor.
See this movie played back on a real NES right here.
To the average player, Tetris is a fast-paced action/puzzle blend where reflexes become a huge factor as pieces pile up and speed increases dramatically. For one with perfect reflexes, however, it's no longer a challenge of 'where does the next piece go to make lines / avoid piling up?' so much as 'where can I put the next piece to make things look the most interesting?'.
This run exemplifies that philosophy, exploiting the ability to manipulate the next piece that appears to the fullest in the service of creating a pattern which would be nigh impossible to duplicate in real world conditions.
If you thought that TASing was only about speed, look no further than this example to prove otherwise.
This movie aims for the fastest possible time to get a score of 999999 in this game. A surprising 00:17.54 seconds have been shaved off the previous movie through the discovery of a new glitch.
It warps directly to the 18th level and fills half of the field quickly to be able to operate short distances in the top part of the field. From there on, it only gets Tetrises (4-line clearings) until the score is maxed out.
A glitch involving pressing several directional buttons at once is used to manipulate luck for the next pieces. Flickering of the next piece block and piece in play results. Of course, the fun doesn't stop there, the L blocks also have their say in getting Tetrises.
For the record, this is the fastest speed the NES game is capable of. For more extreme Tetris fun, please see movies from Arika Online.
There's some really awesome stuff there. (Click to download - 14 MB)

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