Submission #1861: BigBoct's SNES Run Saber in 15:16.00

Console Super NES Emulator ZSNES 1.51
Game Version USA Frame Count 54960
ROM Filename Run Saber (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5345
Unknown Authors BigBoct
Game Run Saber
Submitted by BigBoct on 2/17/2008 7:13:45 PM

Submission Comments
Run Saber (SNES) beaten in 54960 frames, 15min 16.00sec
Run Saber is a pretty blatant rip-off of Strider, by Horisoft, but it's still a lot of fun for that. Basic plot (far as I can tell) is that aliens have taken over the Earth, and the Run Sabers, two genetically enhanced soldiers, are the planet's only hope. This TAS, using Alow (the male Run Saber) clears the game in 15min 16sec, with input ending at frame 54960 and the final hit connecting 4 frames after.
My goals were, in order of priority:
  • Aims for fastest time
    • Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs (boss fights)
  • Takes no damage
  • Plays at hardest level
  • Manipulates luck (enemy locations)
Recorded using ZSNES 1.51. Significant options:
  • New Graphics Engine Disabled
  • Windowing Enabled
  • Offset Mode Enabled
All the stages are the same concept (Point A to B, kill or avoid everything in your way) so no need to discuss them.
Future optimization possibilities:
  • Use two players? I don't see this helping too much except at the final two boss fights, due to invulnerability time on bosses.
  • Use of bombs? Very doubtful; they take 300 frames to execute and you can't do anything during.
  • Take damage to save time? Also doubtful; hit-stun is pretty long.
  • Go for pure speed on bosses, never mind entertainment?
  • Jump from ledges instead of walking/sliding off more often?
Stage by stage optimization possibilities:
Stage 1 (Taj Base):
  • Nothing comes to mind
Stage 2 (Tong City)
  • Get the last hit on Red Saber while he's on the ground
Stage 3 (Jodvalley)
  • Better manipulation of enemy placement over the spike pit and vines early in the stage
Stage 4 (Grey Fac)
  • Nothing comes to mind
Stage 5 (Bruford)
  • Nothing comes to mind
Thanks to:
  • Dromiceius, who pointed out that you can dash
  • Dyce, for his Run Saber FAQ on GameFAQs
  • VolcanoStormWind, who pointed out that you can dash along ceilings.
  • Nach, for finally updating the ZMV checking script for v1.51.
  • Everyone who offered critique in the Run Saber thread in the SNES forum
(Google Video link coming soon.)

Nach: As much as I liked the video, I feel this can be greatly improved. Jumps need more precision, such as when you jump high onto one platform, only to jump again onto another, don't jump so high on the first jump. Also it seems you stuck around to battle certain enemies which you could run by. Lastly, while trying to make the bosses entertaining, I did find some fights had less than direct attacks, where some just barely missed, these have to be improved. All in all, I think it needs to be redone with more accuracy.

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