Submission #1949: Deign's NES Rockman in 15:29.27

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version JPN Frame Count 55756
ROM Filename Rockman (J).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 66874
Unknown Authors Deign
Game Mega Man
Submitted by Deign on 4/25/2008 6:50:18 PM

Submission Comments
Surprise! It's a new Rockman TAS time. This movie is 528 frames faster than the published movie. How did this happen? I won't spoil you. Watch the movie.
Why did I run this game you might ask? Well, I thought there was just too much Megaman on the site, so I shortened this one so that there would be less Megaman. Enjoy ;)
On a side note, this happened a few weeks after I begun working on the TAS.
<Deign> i'll get revenge on you Bisqwit
<Deign> for rejecting my awesome submission =(
<Bisqwit> I'm sure you will
Little did he know


  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Manipulates luck (for refills and for random involuntary movements)
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Utilizes a robot player (BasicBot)
  • Utilizes frame counter, frame advance, RAM watch, subpixel positions etc.
  • Colors a robot

New Info

Firstly, apologies to Bisqwit for blatantly stealing the first few lines of his old submission text, but submission text is probably one of my weakest areas =D Also for blatantly Hexing in the last boss, but I just thought that fight was too entertaining as is and felt I should keep it and so I did.
There is indeed a new trick in this edition of Rockman, however it's use is extremely limited. It is only used twice and in the end only saves about 23 frames. You can see it being performed in Cutman, and is used again in Wily 1, but is not visible. This trick I'm speaking of is the leftward zipping. To perform it requires an extreme amount of subpixel optimization. It's much slower than rightward zipping, but much faster than running, so screw it =D


Thanks to those I told for keeping this run under wraps (especially that loose-lipped Cardboard fella), and also for watching and giving comments, although not many comments were given.
Those that helped or gave encouragement are Baxter (6 - 10 frames), AngerFist (24 frames), Shinryuu (1 frame), adelikat, Cardboard, DK64_MASTER, and of course Bisqwit's previous run to compare with. Baxter and AngerFist were indeed the initial inspiration for this run, so extra sloppy thanks to them. Lastly, but not least, FinalFighter, who found two seperate large improvements that saved countless frames, and for finding invaluable techniques for previous movies.
Special Guest TASer Shinryuu requested to be able to do the Cutman and Wily 2 Boss fights, and so I allowed him to do so.
Super Special Thank you to BasicBot for doing all the parts that would have just been waaaaaaay too time consuming for me. The parts TASed by BasicBot include the Refills in Gutsman and the second refill in Wily 2. BasicBot also Tased the last 4 hits of the Wily 3 boss and probably about 75% or more of the Cutman glitch in Wily 2. Of course it also helped me with the Bombman glitch in Wily 4 .

Where the frames are saved and why?

The majority of the frames in this movie were saved due to optimizations. Only in a few locations were new strategies able to be found. The gate zip in Elecman was found by FinalFighter long ago, but I was able to incorporate that along with new magnet beam placement strategies to save 2 beams and use them elsewhere in order to save about 100 frames in total between those 2 beams.
Another location where new Magnet beam placement was performed was during Gutsman. You can see here that I use 1 extra magnet beam in the first part of the level, and even zip too far for the item manipulation and end up having to wait to be able to get my large refill. I can assure you however, that this small part just involving the last zip until finishing the refill is several frames faster than the previous run even though it does indeed look a little iffy. I had 1 less magnet beam to use in the tunnel just before Gutsman, but this only cost me 7 frames whereas the alternative was over 100 frames.
In Cutman there was another shortcut that was revealed to me by AngerFist. It's really not too visible, but it's a right zip in the 2nd room just before the first gate. I was only given an avi so I had to watch it over and over before I finally realized what was going on in the video. I tried using the information from that zip and use it in other locations throughout the run, and even almost found yet another new trick, but this new trick and application of this awkward right zip was a failure.
LevelFrames SavedTotal Saved
Wily 114502
Wily 28510
Wily 30510
Wily 418528

Bisqwit: Accepting for publication, and delaying indefinitely taking for encoding. Congratulations for submitting something that makes me happy :)

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