Submission #1: Genisto's NES Battle Formula: Super Spy Hunter in 24:52.62

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Famtasia
Game Version USA Frame Count 89557
ROM Filename Super Spy Hunter (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 5699
Unknown Authors Genisto
Game Battle Formula: Super Spy Hunter
Submitted by Genisto on 6/26/2004 4:31:32 PM

Submission Comments
Here's Genisto SSH timeattack done in 00:24:54. A shooter game like Gradius.
Selected notes from the author:
This is the sequel of that old Spy Hunter. There are bosses to kill. Possibility to upgrade your weapon, like Bomb, Oil, etc… This movie is a little repetitive, but I have done my best to make it more interesting to watch.

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